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  2. This may or may not be much help, but I have been using a DDM60 in mobile systems for some years, and I evolved by trial and error a start up procedure which guarantees a clean start up. I transferred the procedure to my DDM85A rollabout system and it also works every time. An important feature is that once everything is connected together, the mount power is turned on BEFORE the computer power is turned on. This always seemed to guarantee clean a start up, whereas failure to do this could cause problems....... I never found out why, and I just did what worked. Mark
  3. Hi Erik, Does this have anything to do with the new USB hub you think?
  4. Hello and sorry that I posted the answer in Polish, I must have been tired😉. I have DDM 60 and I had the same problem more than once. I had to disconnect the power from the DDM and also disconnect the USB port on the DDM. This action helped. greetings Wojtek.
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  6. Hi Can you please send me your youtube link where you have shown how to do autopoint calculations and pointing files via sequence
  7. Have you been looking at mine 😂 (Exo Photography on YouTube) no sound but I have recorded how I make my autopoint and calculations.
  8. Hi We want to understand how to make the pointing files manually and with sequence. If you guys can assist us with any videos available which throughly explains step by step. the videos which are available on youtube has no sound to it. Kindly help. Thanks
  9. Hi Mark! Thank you for your explanation. if you are right, that sequence interprets the number of steps as 1mm/1000steps, then i have 2,16mm/1000steps. I will try that! clear skies Stephan
  10. Hi Stephan, I don't have a TCF-s focuser, but I use a FLI Atlas with Sequence. You need to find by experiment how Sequence interprets the number of steps in mm. With the Atlas, I found that Sequence 'thinks' 1000 steps is 1mm. In fact 1000 steps of the Atlas is 0.083mm. I then had to enter appropriate Coarse and fine AF steps in Sequence settings. These were 24mm and 12mm respectively. The actual movements of focus are 2mm and 1mm. These amounts gave good AF results. Also, because the Atlas is so slow, I had to increase the focuser time-out to 100sec to prevent overflow error messages. I also increased the Maximum Way from Startpoint to 10mm. (ie actual 0.83mm). You will need to find the right numbers for your focuser - but I hope this helps as a guide. Mark
  11. Hallo! I just try to use the sequence with my TCF-S-focuser. I have questions about the focuser-settings. I don't understand the meaning of Focuser-Tolerance (TCF-s knows only Steps - one step is 2.16/10³mm with a range from 0 to 7000 Steps equal to 15,113 mm and step-rate from 200 steps/sec). The backslash are 15 steps (0,0324mm). Which setting should i use. Which setting should i use for Focuser-Timeout, Start Delay and Slew Settle Time ? Please help Stephan
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  13. Thanks, I Will try it out
  14. Hi Wojtek, I am sorry, but very few people outside Poland speak Polish... would you mind translating into English please? 😉 Waldemar
  15. Hello all, I have been using my ASA DDM85 for about 10 years now and suddenly I have a strange phenomenon. I use my mount all evening with The sky 6, CCD commander and MaximDL. After observing I close all programs and leave my PC on. The power supply of the mount and all peripherals is switched off. I have been working like this for years without any problems. When I switch everything back on the next day and start autoslew, I get an error message from autoslew since a few days: "axis 1 not responding.... please check power and USB connection....". After some trying, the only possibility is to shut down and restart the PC and then the mount does work. The PC is still running on Windows 7, and Autoslew version is Someone has an idea what is causing this, I can of course solve it by the work-around: reboot PC. thanking in advance, Erik.
  16. Hi, I have no problems with running Ascom 6.5 SP1, but don't take this as a guarantee that it will work 100%. It often depends on your Windows and the installed updates if all is running smoothly. Regards
  17. Anyone running the 6.5 SP1 release together with latest Autoslew and Sequence 2.1.1 or 2.1.3 which can confirm that it works? /Daniel
  18. Have you done a new pointing file? And if, how did you do that? Manual or with Sequence? how many points? How did you calculate the pointing? Have you set a new home find?
  19. Hello, I am looking for tips to make a good targeting model with our az800. We will do with "Sequence" program that helps us so much. How many fields usually gives a good result? What Az and Alt step size is appropriate? We will let's do it without Rotator with tracking deactivated in AutoSlew. Should it be like this? We appreciate any experience you tell us. Thanks in advance, Miguel Chioare
  20. The problem we are facing with DDM85A mount is that it’s not locking the object and we are getting trails. We have realigned the polar settings. Pier is mounted and zeroed to north. Do we need to do fine tunings. With auto slew we are using cartes du ciel. we loaded old pointing files but the mount has some errors. Do we need to do fine tuning. The scope we are using is meads lx 200 16inch f10. Kindly advise. Please help us with the steps to follow. We have a observatory in Bela, Pakistan. We are facing this problem at the moment.
  21. Thanks michi for the reply. We have fixed the DDM85A mount with meads 200 telescope and using cartes du cel for pointing to stars. Problem is we are not getting accuracy. We also have asi290mm camera. How can we install this on DDM85A mount
  22. What are the difficulties that you are facing?
  23. Hello we have bought DDM85A mount in 2018. We need some technical help with configuring it in autoslew. Can anyone help us with this. Please.
  24. That may be because you are likely the first person to use a DDM200... Mounting a telescope is often a matter of drilling and threading holes on the desired places... Being kind of inventive is a must in this hobby... Succes, Waldemar
  25. Nobody answers here, via support also...
  26. Hi all, I'm also interested in the wiring of the control-box. I would like to use the control-box for driving another focuser (not ASA). @Antonio: Did ASA answered your question? Please let me know. @Mark & prinzpaul: Do you still have the diagram? I can't find it in this thread. Thanks and regards, Gerald
  27. Hello, We'd like to install a few small telescopes (e.g. William Optics 132mm APO) on a DDM200 Twin mount. As the dovetail adapters that came with the mount are too large for smaller telescopes, what would you recommend to use for mounting them? Are there any other Losmandy-style dovetail adapters suitable for smaller telescopes that can be installed onto DDM200's tilt adapter?
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