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  2. succes Dave ! 🙂
  3. DaveS

    New ASCOM pop-up

    OK, gone back in to the remote PC, and redone the uninstall / reinstall with a restart in between. Checked the programData file and all the files are still there. Will check when we next get a clear sky.
  4. DaveS

    New ASCOM pop-up

    Ah. Done the reinstall but didn't restart the computer. I did, though, back up the ASA ProgramData file just in case.
  5. Reinstalling AS should not give you any problems, just delete the old install in apps and reinstall, but state it is not a first install, so your ini files won't be deleted. Between delete and reinstall, restart your computer.
  6. DaveS

    New ASCOM pop-up

    Thanks for the reply Waldemar, and sorry for not replying sooner. I've reinstalled the ASCOM platform, but I think I will have to reinstall the Autoslew as well, something I'm afraid of doing. Had too many borks to be confident. The pop-up doesn't occur when slewing from Cartes du Ciel, only on the first time Sequence calls for a slew from Autoslew.
  7. Last week
  8. Yep, yet another bork. I was running a sequence of two targets a couple of nights ago. All appeared to be going well until the sequence ended. Sequence closed down as it was supposed to, parking the mount and closing the roof. But then I saw Servo Errors popping up in Autoslew. The CCTV showed the telescope pointing into the roof, while Sequence was repeatedly trying to start a sequence by synching the 'scope. I ended up having to close the program to stop it. A check of the Log file the next morning showed that Sequence was trying to re-run the second of the targets. I've not h
  9. Thank you for the info, I plan to put a 8 inch apo on it. I see that there is low activity in the forum, so I guess everybody is pretty happy with them. Do ASA team offer some support in case something is wrong?
  10. Hi Dan, The ASA DDM itself is working extremely well unguided. Problems that happen are mostly found in the used telescope or bad balancing. If the error is constant, the ASA mount can compensate it by using MLPT. Be sure that your telescope has no jumping mirror shift, unstable imaging train, or any loose parts. Best regards, Michael
  11. If both are connected to the internet, you may suspect they both got one of those sneaky Windows upgrades...
  12. Hi everyone, I am thinking to get the ASA DDM 100 in the future. How is the ASA DDM unguided performance? Does the mount perform consistently?
  13. DaveS

    New ASCOM pop-up

    Not yet, that might be the next step. Odd that it should have happened to both computers at the same time.
  14. Hi Dave, I am not using anything lately, so I cannot be of any real help, but this may very well be one of those weird windows issues. Did you re-install Ascom? BR, Waldemar
  15. It looks likely that my problem was caused by MaximDL being corrupted in some way. I did a "deep" uninstall on Maxim and re-install ... and all works well now. I did the same short imaging run twice to check things out ... firstly with no MLPT followed by MLTP set to 1xiterations. Has anybody else had problems with MaximDL becoming corrupted when being used with Sequence at all??? Mike
  16. For the first time last night I got an ASOM pop-up asking me what type of mount I had. This occured when Sequence called for a move from Autoslew. I have looked in both Sequence and Autoslew for a setting that might have become unchecked but everything looked to be as it had been. I got this both on the DDM60 rig which had needed a software rebuild after a total crash, and on the DDM 85 which, as far as I know, has been OK. Has anyone else seen this lately? How can I prevent it from getting in the way again. After I tell ASCOM which type of mount I have it proceeds normally
  17. Earlier
  18. Mark, after I read the "weird behavior" thread I'm almost certainly sure your approach to the erratic slewing problem is correct ! It's the Homefind. Sorry, I wasn't clear when I said "close to the horizon". I meant more like 30-35°. Somehow low Alt values seem to trigger the problem. I will definitly spend more effort on the absolut perfect balance ! But the scope with everything on it is below 23Kg. My "D" value ist really low to avoid oscillations, P and I are moderate and on comparable levels.
  19. With a heavy load, balance is very critical on both axes, particularly RA. The total load (OTA plus camera etc) should not exceed 28 kg for the DDM60. Overloading these mounts must be avoided!!! Read the recent discussion on balancing - I think it's the 'DDM85 position crash'. It is definitely a case of near enough is NOT good enough! Balance is critical. Tuning the motor parameters is well covered in the manuals. Always worth a read, even if one knows what one is doing, but I suggest you don't try to push the PID numbers too hard - the system will tell you that you have gone too far
  20. Thanks for your thouhts Mark. I did a homefind indeed, but eventually something went wrong (or I`m out of training). I'm postive this could help avoidig the erratic slewing ! On the other hand I'm more and more convinced the motor problem "position tracking error" and the fact the mount doesent react to the joystic in RA result from another reason. I shoud've mentioned my Telescope is quite heavy and bulky (22Kg 12" Newton, needs the extra long bar and 7 counterweights) and the problem mostly occurs close to the horizon ! It kinds of remindes my of the problems described in the
  21. Recently I had to go through commissioning a new laptop. I thought I knew what I was doing as I had been using two ASA systems for years. It turned out that I had forgotten about some critical but simple steps, and after the mount heading off for the wrong hemisphere and refusing do what it was told, I gave up and called Wolfgang at ASA for a Teamviewer session. He sorted it in about 2 minutes - much to my shame! The basic problem was, that in spite of having all the software and program data properly installed, it is critical that you 'Set new Homeposition' after having done the Homefind
  22. Dear commununity, first, I'd like to say it's lovely this community exists and we ASA users can keep in touch 🙂 I'm using one of the first DDM60s with old encoders and Elmos electronics. Recently I had to set up my software completely new after my old PC crashed. Recently I experience the following: - In the RA-axis the mount didn't react to any inputs (neither autoslew buttons nor joystick). DE-axis was fine. - Several times the RA-axis stopped tracking and "Servo Error" was shown in red in autoslew. The log window showed "position tracking error". After clearing the
  23. Last night I was hoping to do a short imaging run of a Comet .... 10 x 100sec using the CLS filter. Nothing fancy! First time the weather had been good enough for weeks! Everything looked to be going well until everything froze up halfway through doing the MLPT plate solving process .... I have never had this problem before. I can see that the first Sequence log file fails after the 6th plate solve for some reason The sky was clear so I don't know why it couldn't find any stars to solve on. After a complete shut down and full re-start of the computer the second at
  24. Re-coating depends on the current quality. I have seen mirrors much older than 10 years and they are still in good conditions. Often mirrors are just dirty so a careful cleaning with alcohol and distilled water is enough to get a great result. It's hard to say anything about it without seeing the mirror. Could you show us a photo from your mirror? Michael
  25. As far as I can tell it does use Park 1. Although I tried setting the OTA horizontal Autoslew didn't like it, firstly refusing to lay the OTA horizontal as it was below the limit, secondly I was getting position errors on startup. I've reset the OTA to the zenith for the time being.
  26. Sort of on-topic follow up questions... Is sequence using Park1 position as default when closing a sequence? I have problems when parking close to 180 degrees S and keeping the CW bar pointing east, I have to set it to 179 degrees. Even if i set my settings to let the mount pass the meridian with 5 degrees, it won't park my scope at 180 degrees without doing a flip so that the CW bar is pointing west instead.. Anyone know why? /Daniel
  27. I've landed and operated an ASA N12 astrograph in rural New England (US) since 2008, in an area with very little air pollution. How do I know whether the mirrors need re-coating? Or should this be done just as a matter of principle after more than 10 years? Thanks, Bob Gillette
  28. DaveS

    C drive full

    Thanks Robert. 😄 Damn stupid emoji can't get rid of it What I typed was that I found a similar huge Sesto Senso log file on the C drive of the other remote PC, but was able to delete it as I had restarted the PC.
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