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  3. The DDM 85 basic is set up similarly to the DDM 60. That may be some help. Mark DDM60_ProductManual_E.pdf
  4. Thank you, but no, there is a special manual for the BASIC version...BASIC has an other base plate than the other versions of the DDM85...
  5. Maybe this one? DDM85_ProductManual_E.pdf
  6. Hello, im looking for Manual for DDM85 BASIC .... ...and how I do the polar adjustment with the base plate ... Thanks, Thorsten
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  8. Hi Jose! In Autoslew you load your autopointing-file (xxx.poi). Then you calculate with the calculator-symbol the configuration. After that you have to click "save and use" the config-file (yyy.cfg), which is loaded every time you start Autoslew. You can see it in the start-window/log. Stephan
  9. Thanks Stephan. One more question...what is the difference between a .cfg file and a .poi file? when doing polar alignment ,the resulting file is a .poi file ,but when starting Autoslew it loads a .cfg file and the .poi file doesn´t show up.
  10. Hello Max, How are you? How did you solve the problem? i have the same one, after man years with an roll off roof observatory y have made a new one, but this time is a dome 3m... I have the same problems using Sequence, the telescope never reach the center of the window, but with Poth always have find the center, the problem is that when I use sequence with MLPT the telescope, never wait to the dome, so it's dificult to make a good MLPT and of couse to hit the target.. I know you did the comments 6 years, ago, so as I understand finally, you've got the solution! If you have time, i will be glad to hear you! All the best Lluís Romero www.astrosirius.org
  11. Hi Jose The easiest way to find your pox-file is to make a search in the windows-explorer with ".pox" starting with your drive c:\ . This search will show you all your pointing-files. In autoslew you have to load this file with "load autopointing-file" Stephan
  12. Hello to everybody. I am having troubles loading the .pox files It created Sequence. Once I solve the folder ,where is it saved? which filename gets? how do I load the .pox file in Autoslew? and why My old .poi file,which was good to -0.5 az. -0.3 elvation disappeard from the .in file? thanks Jose
  13. Be careful because I also wanted to re-coat my mirror because the quality was not there (for the price of the telescope I am a little disgusted with the policy of the ASA company). In short, I end up with a mirror from orionoptics with an aluminide sieve ... The companies contacted to re-coat the mirror all refused. The primary mirror being stuck on the barrel, the companies refuse to take charge of it (personal experience).
  14. Thanks for the heads up! do you think that if you hadn’t been in a focus routine, everything would have been ok with the shut-down?
  15. Hello on my last session the AAG Cloudwatcher send a NOT SAFE ALERT during an Autofocus. SEQUENCE PARK the TELESCOPE an CLOSE DOME OK but DON'T STOP. Autofocus continue and at next SEQUENCE continue so the telescope slew to the position and hit the dome In sequence the option Autofocus Error Procedure during Sequence was set to ignore. I change it to Shutdown to prevent moe issue. I attach the sequence log. Best Regards sequence log.txt
  16. Hi Michael, well, currently the mount is at work in Namibia, but I am planning to move the observatory into a dome where I will need a new fork mount. So yes, in theory the mount would be available from April 2022 onwards (!) if you are interested. I would service i, even if it works perfectly and has been upgraded to absolute encoders, just beccause once it is set up one usually won't touch it anymore
  17. Hi Lukas! I am interested in your DDM85XL with pier mount. Is it still up for sale? It would fit as a mount for our students telescope being set up remotely at star park Hohe Dirn in Austria. Does the mount need any service prior to a permanent setup? I need to ask ASA about their experience with this type of mount. I have been told, that the grease needs to be renewed after some time of usage. Kind regards, Michael
  18. Hi Stephan, great to hear that you are back in business! Clear skies, Robert
  19. Hi Mark, Robert! We got it!! The last two nights i could make a good pointingfile (22 of 24 pictures solved) and make my mount working. After that i updated Autoslew-, Sequence- and Pinpoint-software to the latest versions. At least i could make unguided pictures with 10 minutes expose time. the next thing i have to do, is to make a better polar-aligment. Thank's for your help and clear skies! Stephan
  20. Hi Waldemar. Many, many thanks for the info. I'll be able to get on with it now. Dave.
  21. Hi Dave, This is the pinout for that connector: 3-pin Connector DEC: Nr 1 Plus 0-12 V 5 A max for fan regulation through AS Nr 3 Minus The connector itself is a threaded Lumberg 3p DIN connector SV30 Lumberg, DIN Audio / Video Connector, 3 Contacts, Plug | Farnell Regards, Waldemar
  22. This should be simple for those who know. I currently have the fans of my ODK12 connected to the auto dew controller output of my Pegasus APB, but this isn't ideal (Or anywhere near). What I would like to do is connect them to the three pin fan output on my DDM85, but do not know for sure the pinout or the type of connector. I *think* it's a Cannon locking DIN, but I not certain enough to order one, let alone wire it up. Can anyone give me any info please? TIA, Dave.
  23. Hi Robert, sorry! I had only cloudy and rainy weather. Perhaps i get a chance friday or saturday. Stephan
  24. Hi Stephan, did you have a chance to test whether everything is working properly now? Best regards, Robert
  25. Not sure if this is relevant in your case, but it is important that the permissions for reading/writing are allowed for Autoslew and Sequence Programs and Program Data. These are found in Windows>Program Files (x86)>Autoslew>Properties>Security; same for Sequence and same for Windows>Program Data>ASA>..... When I first changed from Windows 7 to 10 I had to set some of these permissions to 'Allow'. Mark
  26. Hi Robert! That is correct! But if i copy the last XP Autoslew.ini file - with the wrong folder-pointer - to the Win10 program-folder of Autoslew, the fault starts. Stephan
  27. Hi Stephan, strange, usually when you install autoslew from scratch on win10, it creates the correct subdirectories under c:\ProgramData\Asa. Maybe you have to run it as adminstrator (but then you have to make sure that you run e.g. Sequence as adminstrator as well). We keep the fingers crossed that this resolves your problems, clear skies, Robert
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