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  1. Hi, As you have seen, we have done some minor design updates in the asa forum and have updated some descriptions to fit the new product lines of ASA. During a backend check-up, we saw that after the last update one board lost the posting permission. You are allowed to post on all the forum boards except the Global Announcements board where you only can answer to Admin posts. If you experience something not working as expected, please let us know this Best regards, Michael
  2. Hi, Sandra is responsible for marketing and web activities and is not involved in the products or development processes. I'll try to get some news on your questions. Best regards, Michael
  3. Btw. sorry for the short notice, the changes are done faster than discussed with the provider.
  4. Hi everybody, Due to marketing and technical reasons, we have decided to put the forum under the new domain: www.asa-forum.com Besides the address change, nothing will change for you. We will inform you when the changes are done. Best regards ASA Support Team
  5. Nice work, very well done. Thank for it
  6. Hello, We have performed a recommended software upgrade for this forum. Seems that some colors have been changed after it. We will restore them asap. Please let me know if anything besides this is not working correctly. Know issues: colors are not correct Changes: bbcode deactivated CS, Michael
  7. Thank you Glad to hear it. Nice cover photo btw 💪
  8. Bugs solved: No known bugs. New feature: Now you can upload your own Cover Photo. For doing this, visit your profile and click on Cover Photo at the right top of the page. Use a width of 1635 px and a height of 250 px. To keep loading time low, we have limited the file size to 1MB for the Cover Photo. Let me know if there are any problems or concerns. CS, Michael
  9. Bugs solved: Sorry, you have not been able answer to this post. Settings are corrected now so you can directly reply to the post in this board. New feature: We have activated star rating in the imaging board (Deepsky and Solar System).
  10. Hello everybody, After such updates, there are always some minor parts that won't work as expected. Therefore we kindly ask you to report all bugs related to this forum under this posting. We try to solve them as soon as possible. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the forum. Regards Michael
  11. Hi, We want to let you know that we have to do a major update on this forum. This update will be performed on the live system, therefore, we want to excuse any problem which is occurring during the update process. We try to do the changes as fast as possible and also trying to keep the downtime as short as possible. Best regards, Michael
  12. Polar alignment, pointingfiles, a useful video from Mr Keller. He used a ASA 500 on a ASA DDM 160 mount...our big setup https://youtu.be/y79Q2-rr6wQ Best regards, Michael
  13. We wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year with lot's of perfect clear skies
  14. admin

    WIKI for ASA

    If you want to have this boards in the Forum, we can create them. I think the forum is better for discussions and more responsive than a Wiki. I think Wiki should be the knowledge database that should be updated with the latest learning and information that are generated out of discussions in the forum. What boards should we generate? BR
  15. admin

    WIKI for ASA

    Hello, that wiki looks great! Who is the owner of it? Regards, Michael
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