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  1. Ok thanks for the tip, I also found e-Eye and they seems a good alternative, a bit expensive 3200 euro/year so I will also look for alternatives. Cheers, //Christer
  2. Nice shot Antonio! I admire your work! Thinking of moving my gear down to south-west Spain (hosting) as the weather is often crappy where I live in mid-north of Sweden, if you know of any hosting site with a good price let me know Cheers, //Christer
  3. Hi, I have a G3 16200 wit the new Wynne adapter just released by Moravian ant it works fine, note it dont support any OAG no space for that to short BF. It is intended for G3 with the external 7-places filter wheel witch is needed if you want LRGB+NB You can se it on the Wiki http://asa-users.org/index.php?title=Other BR, /Christer
  4. Hi Mark, Sorry to hear that, can add you manually if you want, send username/passw to support@asa-users.org. Also try Crome or IE brower if possible. BR, /Christer
  5. Max, Tried again now and it worked ok on crome Email me you username and password to support@asa-users.org and I will add you /Christer
  6. Hi Max, I just made a test user and it worked ok, perhaps you had a not allowed character in you name, please try again, let me know if it dont work can add you manually otherwize. BR, /Christer
  7. Hi All! For your information the ASA-USERGROUP Wiki is now located at http://asa-users.org
  8. Hi All, Added a Discussion Forum at the Wiki to move some discussion to the Wiki instead The domain asa-users.org will be ready early next week The MediaWiki 1.27 update have to wait generated a edit page error //Christer
  9. Hi All, Added Ians suggestion to "Website disclaimer", the user can read befor register, also found som test on the web for the following pages, feel free to update the pages! Terms and Conditions Privacy policy Will check for a forum plugin /Christer
  10. Lukas, Have no added the CiteThisPage, but it dont support wiki version 1.23 as we are on, need 1.25+ will check for a update Added you as administrator Anyone else want to be admin? /Christer
  11. Perhaps ASA could also take over and host the Wiki we have started now, with the condition we can manage/edit it like we can do now.
  12. Hi Daniel, P.Keller fixed some FTDI windows 10 issues in the latest release, make sure you run that version if you go back to Win10. Works ok for me on Win10. /Christer
  13. Hmm if ASA starts a Wiki will there be two wikis?? I asume they could be complementary, I think we continue with this one until we hear any more from ASA. I will register asa-users.org if I dont hear anyone complain. /Christer
  14. Hi, George a "Common Error" section sounds good. Nigel's menu suggestion looks good, please come with some more suggestions before I change it. Lucas, I have now installed the Youtube extension /Christer
  15. Hi Lucas and All, ‚ÄčNice Mount tuning page Lucas! The wiki will be a great resource to all. Here are some avalible domain name to use, price around 10 euro/year asausers.com asausers.eu asausers.net asausers.org Give me som suggestion what name you like! /Christer
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