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  1. Hi Waldermar, Thanks for the SilexDS600 tip, I used the DDM85 data port to run a ethernet camera befor it worked fine. Do the SilexDS600 deliver the USB3 speed needed? what camera do you run? I will soon test a QHY600M and it should download a full frame 60 Mpixel image in 2-3 sec on USB3 and native driver, the camera specs are "Full Frame Size: 2.5FPS (16-bit output)" And SilexDS600 supports USB3.0 SuperSpeed --> should be 5 gigabits per second (Gbit/s) (625 MB/s) but im not sure what USB3 genaration spec it supports and the troughput on the windows driver, will se. A full frame image is 120 Mbyte -> 960 Mbits so to get 2.5 FPS --> 2400 Mbits/sec -> 2,4 Gbit/s, so I need 50% of the supported USB3.0 SuperSpeed I think it hangs on how the camera and windows driver performes. Cheers, //Christer
  2. Hi, Just asked ASA about this for my DDM85 and the answer was this "No unfortunately not, as the USB hub runs trough our electronics board which is only USB2. I have pretty much the same configuration in my own observatory (ASI 6200). I use external cabling with a Startech USB3 range extender." Cheers, Christer
  3. Hi, I'm working on a custom version of WWT WorldWide Telescope to make a Target or Target + Exp file to be read by ASA "Sequence Run", the [Sequence] button in the FInder scope opens the ASA Sequence Setup windows to create the files. Let me know if this is of interest for the ASA users. Also working on a ACP astro planner software "AstroPix" (TBD) to compeet with the to expensive I think ACP, this is work in progress and beta testers are welcome later, it can select object from The sky and WWT. Hope to figure out integration to ASA software i.e. MLPT, perhaps with help from Dr.Keller. Cheers, //Christer
  4. Hi, Well P.Keller told me some time ago I should not run any ASA program as admin, I have hade som issue when doing that, no clue why though. Cheers, //Christer
  5. Now I installed a new clean computer with win 10 1903 pro, all the win updates made but still the same behavior autoslew just shows a second and nothing more When starting sequence I get the error log below, it crashes also. System.InvalidCastException: Conversion from string "1.23" to type 'Double' is not valid. ---> System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format. Now the god news I changed the regional number format settings decimal symbol from “,” to “.” And all works but how could that happens when moving to win 10 1903 only MS knows //Christer
  6. Hi George, I have a complete C# project reading the Nasa CFITSIO lib https://heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov/fitsio/and convert it to different other formats, I can share some code. Pixinsight also uses this lib. Im developing a database driven astro solution to handle a lot of images searcheble and hadle large stacks ready Q1 2020. Cheers, //Christer http://astropix.se/
  7. Hi, Works on another Win 10 1903 computer so something with .NET framwork or similira is bad. Tried the FTDI driver replacement guide but no luck, the fact that Autoslew dont even start up after reinstalling it and also reinstalled ascom should exclude the FDTI problem. Couls be wrong VB runtime installed only Keller nows. //Christer
  8. Hi, Upgrade my PC tol Windows 10 1903 and now autoslew and Sequence dont start. Anyone else with same problem? Have emaild ASA. Cheers, //Christer
  9. Hi, Anyone want to revive the http://asa-users.org/site its in a hacked state. If not I will shut down the domain address. Cheers //CHrister
  10. Hi, I agree the quality control must improve, in my case defect secondary mirror. I had a customer with a question of recoating a ASA 10N and got the answer from Gerald below. "At first – we are sending 10” mirrors for coating or recoating to Orion Optics. I would suggest to send the mirror direct to Orion – as I see on their website, the coating with shipping is approx. 100 Pounds for a 10”. This would be much easier as to shipping force and back and again and shorten the lead time." //Christer
  11. Hi Daniel, I got a price from Dietmar August 2016 as below, but decided not to upgrade. "To upgrade a DDM85 to absolute will cost 3500 Euros list price" Cheers //Christer
  12. Hi, The issue was solved by replacement of secundary mirror by ASA.
  13. Hi, The Elephant's Trunk Nebula with relative short exposure and close to big city. Hope to move to a darker site this autum. http://cosmopix.se/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/IC1396.jpg ASA N12 Astrograph F/3.6 3" Wynne Corrector 0.95x Moravian G3 camera @-28C No guiding Cheers, //Christer
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