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  1. George, Yes, I'll power down the IP camera during the session. Infrared light will mess up the images quite easily...
  2. Nigel, My observatory is fully automated with Firefly, Seletek, AAG... and bunch of astrosoftware (MaxPilote, MaximDL, Pinpoint, etc) It can be used from anywhere with internet connection. Jay
  3. Hi Nigel, I've been using my DDM60 remotely for 3 years with the IP cam, and so far no problems. I'm doing the homefind from Park 1 every time before the session. Jay
  4. USB3 cameras usually download frames faster with USB3 ports but there should be no functional problems with USB2. I'm using QHY 163M with USB2 hub with no problems. However, before the driver update the frame download was really slow. Download rates matter when you make skymaps or run autofocusing programs. It's quite irritating to autofocus if the download rate is very slow. CMOS cameras can't be binned on chip...
  5. Hi Thomas, All I can say is that the issue is probably related to Atik drivers. Have you tried the MaxPilote Yahoo group ?. My experience when dealing with Laurent (Felopaul) has been very positive. He incorporated the "unguided" option to MaxPilote software in couple of days when I told him about ASA mounts few years ago. Jay
  6. Very strange problem. I'm using Maxim DL, FocusMax, TSX, AAG cloudwatcher and observatory software, and have never had any problems with the MaxPilote. The MaxWiever and MaxSelector are very nice additional features. What camera do you have ? I've been using SBIG and QHY cameras and MaxPilote has been very reliable... Jay
  7. Colin, There is no need to refocus manually if using Maxim DL, FocusMax and TSX. Try this, I've been using it for a long time. http://www.felopaul.com/ MaxPilote is a bit like Autopilote just better. You can (and have to) use other party software with it like Maxim DL and FocusMax. MaxPilote is very stable and it's free... Jay
  8. Jay

    MLPT Question

    John, You're corrected... I don't stay up all night long If doing e.g. 2 targets, I'll have to wake up once. I simply wake up at the time needed and do the MLPT run for the new target. It takes couple of minutes and then back to sleep. Everything else is fully automated... Jay
  9. Jay

    MLPT Question

    John, I've never needed to tweak my Fourier numbers after the MLPT. My subs are 20-30 minutes, however, the focal length is under 1000 mm. All my sessions are done remotely with the sky model (30 - 40 points renewed every 2-4 weeks) and the MLPT. I've tried using only a (larger) sky model (and SuperFit) but haven't been very successful with that. Mostly because of the same reasons Lukas said, conditions change and the model deteriorates over time. The problem with the MPLT is that it cannot be attached to other party software. So you have do it separately if using something else than Autoslew/Sequence. What I'm doing is making the MLPT before every target but running everything else with MaxPilote (e.g. TSX, MaximDL, FocusMax, observatory software, etc.). It's a pain if shooting several targets over the night but quite convenient with 1-2 targets. Jay
  10. Typical ASA, there is a known problem with some mounts but they don't inform us about it. Instead you spend a lot of time and effort trying to figure out what the heck is wrong. Something that could have been fixed remotely in the first place.... great.
  11. Did you set the pier side in Autoslew ? ...Mount - set current pier side Jay
  12. Waldemar, You might be right, I'll probably try it sometime also. Let me know if you'll get it running. It would be great to be able to use it. I have SGP already... Jay P.S. Installation instructions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di4yqzfns5E&t=224s
  13. Hi Waldemar, Unfortunately it's only for the 10Micron mounts. It's based on (late) Per Frejvall's driver and Model Maker software. Now someone has taken it a step further and added quite a few features including "next generation MLPT". The Mountwizzard" software seems to be working jointly with Seguence Generator Pro. A combination I'd love to have with ASA Sequence also. The additional bonus is that you don't need expensive Maxim DL or Pinpoint to operate it. SGP is about 100 euros and Mountwizzard is free...
  14. It looks like there is fast development going on with some other mount manufacturers software. MLPT is not something unique anymore.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMAfZoq8rBI&feature=youtu.be
  15. I couldn’t agree with you more… I really love my ASA mount because it’s simply a wonderful piece of equipment when everything is functioning well. However, at the same time I’m completely frustrated with ASA’s willingness to develop their own software, and especially not allowing the MLPT to be used in combination with other software. In addition, ASA mounts are rather complicated to operate, and even small mistakes can cause a lot of problems. Without good (up to date) documentation it feels like a constant battle when trying to make the mount functioning properly. Sequence is a severely outdated software and a limiting factor when using the mount. Very basic functions are missing like creating a mosaic or framing the target with a skymap (e.g. TheSkyX). You have to do a lot of manual work even with simple sessions. Sequence also forces you to use their own focusing program which I’ve never managed to make working reliably (instead I’m using FocusMax). The only reason for using the Sequence is the MLPT, and unfortunately the MLPT is a must when doing unguided imaging. Without MLPT the mount is simply like any other high quality mount that needs to be guided. So I’m stuck with a very high quality mount (mechanically) that cannot be used fully automated because ASA’s peculiar software policy and lack of interest to develop their own software. I don't understand why ASA can't let their customers decide what software they want to use instead of forcing them to operate the mount with outdated software package. This "do it our way or don't do it at all" policy is very shortsighted and not how things should be handled. Jay
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