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  1. Nobody answers here, via support also...
  2. Hello, We'd like to install a few small telescopes (e.g. William Optics 132mm APO) on a DDM200 Twin mount. As the dovetail adapters that came with the mount are too large for smaller telescopes, what would you recommend to use for mounting them? Are there any other Losmandy-style dovetail adapters suitable for smaller telescopes that can be installed onto DDM200's tilt adapter?
  3. Hello, We've installed a DDM200 Twin mount on a custom-made (manufactured by a third party) equatorial pier. The holes for bolts in the pier are positioned so that we can't install the mount exactly as described in the manual. Please see the picture (not e that the mount is slightly rotated to the right from the intended position). Is the mount going to still work correctly, or would there be any problems? The red arrows indicate how the telescopes are going to be installed on both sides.
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