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  1. Hi Can you please send me your youtube link where you have shown how to do autopoint calculations and pointing files via sequence
  2. Hi We want to understand how to make the pointing files manually and with sequence. If you guys can assist us with any videos available which throughly explains step by step. the videos which are available on youtube has no sound to it. Kindly help. Thanks
  3. The problem we are facing with DDM85A mount is that it’s not locking the object and we are getting trails. We have realigned the polar settings. Pier is mounted and zeroed to north. Do we need to do fine tunings. With auto slew we are using cartes du ciel. we loaded old pointing files but the mount has some errors. Do we need to do fine tuning. The scope we are using is meads lx 200 16inch f10. Kindly advise. Please help us with the steps to follow. We have a observatory in Bela, Pakistan. We are facing this problem at the moment.
  4. Thanks michi for the reply. We have fixed the DDM85A mount with meads 200 telescope and using cartes du cel for pointing to stars. Problem is we are not getting accuracy. We also have asi290mm camera. How can we install this on DDM85A mount
  5. Hello we have bought DDM85A mount in 2018. We need some technical help with configuring it in autoslew. Can anyone help us with this. Please.
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