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  1. Hello on my last session the AAG Cloudwatcher send a NOT SAFE ALERT during an Autofocus. SEQUENCE PARK the TELESCOPE an CLOSE DOME OK but DON'T STOP. Autofocus continue and at next SEQUENCE continue so the telescope slew to the position and hit the dome In sequence the option Autofocus Error Procedure during Sequence was set to ignore. I change it to Shutdown to prevent moe issue. I attach the sequence log. Best Regards sequence log.txt
  2. Hello My DDM 60 PRO is provided with 2 double-cable One is for plug what you want ( i use the both ) , and the other is to plug the mount and an ASA teleskope How can i use the ASA teleskope cable to plug something : Wich cable i need or how can i make it for myself Thanks for your help
  3. Hi, I have the same problem (DDM60 PRO July 2010) Did you solve it ? Have you some solution ? What append with ASA support ? I have some other problem too : - lost "home position" at startup with need to restore ini file - don't find home position with need a mount reboot - ... Laurent K
  4. Thank's a lot Have you more pic to see me how to access to the fuse ? And can you tell me wich kind of fuse i must buy to replace it ? Regards
  5. Hi there is a new method for calculte the ERF to be used with the latest version of Autoslew ( ) I use it but it's not simple. I have many problem trying to have a good ERF and a accurate pointing specially after a meridian flip You must ensure that you have not unpredictable error before calculate ERF Good luck Autoslew-News_E.pdf
  6. Hi the brown/white cable for external power supply ( G sprial cable) do not more supply power. I verified he sockt A plug and it doesnt work too. So i think that something it's wrong inside the mount : Is there a fuse inside the mount? If yes how can i verify and change it ? In all cases wat can i do to repair that failure Best regards Laurent K
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