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  1. I know I'm late, but maybe this piece could help: I experienced a similar issue with my DDM60 back in august. Basically the logs were full of odd magnetic angles and high powers, with the mount not even moving anymore. The scope was perfectly balanced (it's a remote system). After much back and forth with ASA we decided to swap the circuit board. Not easy with Covid and everything going on, but I still made it down to Namibia and swapped that circuit (plenty of tiny wires to check, trust me). Okay so long story short, the swap didn't improve anything. I still had this weird issu
  2. Hallo Robert, I would also try to connect to another USB port on the computer side. I had once a situation where one port was fried by some static electricity and sporadically stopped working. Clear skies
  3. lukepower

    NGC 6888

    Luis, Thomas, thank you
  4. Hi Thomas, nice images. I particularily like the way you process the nebulae. and the presentation with the mouseover - simply stunning! Is this done in a somewhat automated manner or completely "by hand"? Cheers
  5. lukepower

    NGC 6888

    Hi folks, finally I've found some time to elaborate quite a big stash of dfata gathered over the last 12 months of NGC 6888 (Crescent nebula). I tried to combine RGB data with some narrowband data (Ha and OIII) with Pixinsight. I like the way it shows the nebulosity of the area while still preserving the faint OIII data: Best regards
  6. HI Nigel, capacity might be an issue. We have two scopes in Astrocamp, Spain and happy there. We also considered to move one scope to another site in Spain (forgot the name) which also seemed very good, but decided to keep things at one place ultimatively. I do know that US and Australia options are quite expensive...
  7. ANdrew, this sounds like a hardware problem rather than a software problem to me...
  8. Hi there, good point! It could indeed be an interesting endeavour to exchange imaging hours. I guess that this would make mostly sense for those among us who have an automated setup. There should be some free/open source software around to organize something like this. I have no idea, however, how many could or want to cooperate in such an effort - my experience is that most people want to get the data but won't return anything...
  9. FLI works under Linux, no problem. Most CCDs actually do work fine. And for the dome, it is usually quite easy to get the protocol and implement something usable quickly. The issue is that ASA is not supporting Linux - so you'd need to run a WIndows machine with Autoslew on it, and use the wINDI server to make it accessible from KStars (no matter if that one runs under Linux or Windows).
  10. Well, I am not the big Linux-is-my-OS guy, but still you guys should have a look what Linux has to offer. Especially KStars is a nice alternative to TheSky, plus it also has functions to image (bye bye MaximDl), focus (FocusMax cya) and even automate (up to a level similar to ACP Scheduler). So yes, I think it is a nice solution. And one can use KStars even under Windows - and thats what I was testing here. With a Moravian camera it works fine (all software running under Windows).
  11. Hi guys, is anybody using the ASA mounts under Linux? If so, how do you do? I am exploring alternative software solutions - KStars with Ekos (for automation) - which are open source and seem to work very well. They need to use INDI drivers. Now, I can find INDI drivers for basically all gear i use (CCD, Focuser, Dome, filter wheel) except for the mount I know I could use wINDI server to connect to a Windows system with ASCOM drivers, however FLI doesn't provide adequate drivers for this solution... Thanks
  12. Hi, what you need to do (and add in) your procedure is the following: After you started the motors do a Homefind (Mount -> Homefind). After you successfully solved and sync'ed your mount, go and set the new reference position. This two steps are important if you do not have absolute encoders. With the absolute encoders, only the second point has to be done. And - what I would also check is if the parking position you expect to be the Zenith has the correct values: Mount -> Park Positions -> set new park positions Best regards
  13. Ok guys I tested this with two different systems: My 20" Cassegrain, running at about 3400mm FL. 10 minutes unguided was no problem, whithout MLPT. This is definitively an improvement My 14,5" f3.6 Newton, while still being autoguided, was basically doing no corrections over 15 minutes subs. I still want to see if this works when the model becomes "older". With the Cassegrain, I actually used the gathered data of an older AutoPoint run, which seems to work well anyway...
  14. Impressive! I still have to test the new version. Let's see what the results will be. I also think there are still other bugs in the pointing part of Autoslew, as we operate one scope (Veloce 200RH) which is perfectly polar aligned. Without a model, we can go to about 20 minutes unguided, with the model we can't even get close to 5 minutes...
  15. Hi Mark, I will have to check this as soon as weather permits some testing under the stars. There is no visible slippage on visual inspection, so I assume it is little enough to only be seen during a focusing run...
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