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  1. Hello Max, How are you? How did you solve the problem? i have the same one, after man years with an roll off roof observatory y have made a new one, but this time is a dome 3m... I have the same problems using Sequence, the telescope never reach the center of the window, but with Poth always have find the center, the problem is that when I use sequence with MLPT the telescope, never wait to the dome, so it's dificult to make a good MLPT and of couse to hit the target.. I know you did the comments 6 years, ago, so as I understand finally, you've got the solution! If you have time, i will be glad to hear you! All the best Lluís Romero www.astrosirius.org
  2. Hello Michael, At last, that's a great news!.. The Main users are waiting this major update long time ago. I hope this will give us a better service and new experiences as well as new appearance for the global users. Best regards, Luis Romero
  3. astrosirius

    Barnard 145

    Great Work Antonio!! A pleasure to my eyes! A big hug! Luis
  4. Hello guys! My last work with the The Coccon nebula! Clear Skies... Luis Romero http://astrophotographysirius.com/
  5. Hello Waldemar, I have installed the newest version...Everything is works properly, The best Luis
  6. Thank you Nigel, is a really great help, any documentation is useful Best regards Luis Romero http://astrophotographysirius.com/
  7. astrosirius


    I have downloaded Prysm and I confirm that there is no way to do MLPT!. I have uninstalled it! Best regards Lluís Romero http://astrophotographysirius.com/
  8. astrosirius


    Hello Max, Long time I´ve sent an email to Mr. Hamza from Hyperion Astronomy, here you have his reply, but I couldn't reply to him, but If you want, please feell free to contact with him to continues with the subject! Here you have his email: hyperion.astronomy@gmail.com ________________ Good morning Mr. Ventura, Thanks for reaching out to me. We have included a way to model 10Micron mounts because they have a "learn mode". I do believe that ASA mount, like Paramounts, have proprietary software. Is this the case? Can you provide me with information if there is a different option that you know of? My best regards, Hamza Touhami ________________ Best regards Lluís Romero http://astrophotographysirius.com/
  9. astrosirius


    Hello Waldemar, As I know you have the same mount than mine, DDM85 12 V, thus I understand you want managing everything under PRISM? Including the MLPT, or are you guiding with the second telescope TMB 92? Best regards Luis Romero
  10. Hola Juan, Aunque MaximDL controle la cámara, lo importante sería comprobar como controla el apartado de tiempos de exposición, dónde uno debe seleccionar los filtros, no he visto uno que sea "ninguno" o "vacio". Tengo mis dudas que funcione, deberias de enviar un correo a ASA support, seguro que te contestarán, son más ágiles contestando por correo que por este medio. Ya nos informarás, Un saludo, Lluís Romero http://astrophotographysirius.com/
  11. astrosirius

    Ced 51

    Antonio! Congratulations for awesome work! Terrific details, with the properly color! Under my point of view, is one of the best photos I have seen of this field! Best regards!! Lluís
  12. Thank you. A big hug my good friend! Tomorrow my new telescope arrives :-))
  13. Hi tommy, Awesome this big field image. You have done a great work! Congratulations! Luis http://astrophotographysirius.com/
  14. Hi Antonio, Awesome photo, have to be really difficult to process this photos as I understand this is a "dark nebula" that need long exposure to get clearly and fine details, but like always you've obtained the best results of this splendid area and unknown structure. One more time, thank you to sharing with us your images. Luis Romero,
  15. Hello John, Don't worry with 2800 you will get stable and moreover if you have a dome, my old telescope it was an GSO 14" f/8 that reach to 2840 mm (Roll-off-Roof) and I got a very good sucess, the only thing is that i always have to removed the first photo of each mlpt session, even when is doing the flip meridian, but for the rest, I haven't had poblem at 2800 mm. I wish you the best!! Clear skies! Luis Romero
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