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  1. afesan

    Barnard 145

    Many thanks Luis... A "goodbye" image for a reliable and great scope. Time to go with a more easy and packing toy for an old guy like me A big hug. Antonio
  2. afesan


    Deiicious sight, Mark !!!!!..... A pleasure to my eyes..
  3. afesan

    Barnard 145

    You´re vey kind, Artem !
  4. afesan

    Barnard 145

    Thanks, Mark !!!:
  5. afesan

    Barnard 145

    More info& resolution: http://afesan.es/Deepspace/slides/Barnard%20145%20%28Cygnus%29%202018.html Regards Antonio
  6. afesan


    Great quality, Thomas !
  7. afesan

    Cygnus Wall

    Great set !..I will choose 2 and 3. Anyway ..fantastic.
  8. Working fine here. .. Regards, Antonio
  9. It´s going really fantastic. Waiting final result !!
  10. Fantastic images,Thomas!!!!. Love both..vdb 18 but this one with the cirrus is impactant. Colour is gold to my eyes. Thanks for showing! Antonio
  11. afesan

    Ced 51

    Thanks Mark !
  12. afesan

    Ced 51

    Thanks,Luis ... You look it through kind eyes . Glad to read your commentaries. Best regards! Antonio
  13. afesan

    Ced 51

    Cederblad 51 is a part of the large Sh2-264 nebula, the "Orion's head".Red colour shows the large H-alpha emission nebula (GN 05.30.0), blue the reflection nebulae ( Ced 51) and brown,the dust nebulae (dark nebulae such as: LDN1582,LDN 1584,Barnard 31,Barnard 30..) .Also Herbig-Haro targets such as HH 179 and HH 244 can be guess between dust. More resolution : http://afesan.es/Deepspace/Ced%2051,%20B30,B31,%20HH%20179,%20HH244%20(%20Orion)_jpg_orig.html Thanks for looking.. Antonio
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