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  1. You're gonna blush me , Luis . Thanks for your support !!... "SPAG" trademark
  2. Hi Mark ! You´re always very kind . Many thanks !!! Antonio
  3. In the March 1978 issue of Sky & Telescope magazine, in the article Deep-Sky Wonders, Walter Scott Houston referred to the "discovery" of this cluster that did not appear in any catalog or star chart of the time by an amateur astronomer, John Pazmino....... More inforamtion & resolution : http://afesan.es/Deepspace/slides/Stock%2023%20%20%28Pazmino%C2%B4s%20Cluster%29%2C%20SH2-202%20%20%28Camelopardis-Cassiopeia%29.html Thanks for looking. Antonio
  4. Thanks Luis !!! You´re really very kind, I´m pretty sure yo will show us a nice view with a higher focal length... as you have. So.. go for it !!!! Take care, Luis. Best regards, Antonio
  5. A lot of hours invested to show this area : More information & resolution : (2500x1980) http://afesan.es/Deepspace/slides/NGC%207771%2C7770%2C7969%20%28Pegasus%29.html Thanks for looking ! Antonio
  6. Wow! Nice set of iamges, Thomas. You had to be very busy !!. Great. The most I like are M100 and IC417... but all are fine and top quality !. Great job. Antonio
  7. LDN 1152,RNO 124 (" The Architeuthis Rex or Giant Squid ".This was my first impression when processing the image. An Architeuthis Rex expelling ink all around ). Maybe too excesive imagination... RNO 124 :As a whole, this nebula has a conical shape, with a star IRAS 20359+6745 at its apex. It is possible to separate two distinct reflection structures in the nebula. The former is represented by a regular cone with an opening angle of about 60 degrees and with straight walls, which are extended up to 2´. More info& resolution: http://afesan.es/Deepspace/slides/LDN%201152%20%28The%20
  8. afesan

    Dobashi Nebulas

    Dark nebula Dobashi 2367-2365-2373-2381,TGU H466 DWB 67 -- HII (ionized) ; DWB 57 -- HII (ionized) region DR 9 -- HII (ionized) GGD 31 -- Herbig-Haro Object M 29 -- Open (galactic) Cluster More information and a bigger resolution: http://afesan.es/Deepspace/slides/Dobashi%202365%2C%202367%2C2371%2C2372.GGD%2031%20%2CM29%20%2CDWB%2057%2CDWB%2067%20%28Cygnus%29.html Enjoy summer..... Antonio
  9. afesan

    LBN 258, GM 2-41

    Thanks Christer !... you´re very kind !. Well... the closest hosting site to me is about 150 Kilometers from my remote observatory. A friend of mine is one of the people which fix the roll-roof observatory systems ( software&hardware) of this hosting site (although he´s not the owner )....He travels all around Spain working for amateur&professional university observatories.. . Said this, I´m not part of this at all and I have not interest or business here .. The hosting site is at SW of Spain and is "Entre Encinas y Estrellas " (e-Eye) : http://entreencinasyestrellas.es/
  10. afesan

    LBN 258, GM 2-41

    It´s an interesting idea...Let`s see if there are enough supporters to go on !
  11. afesan

    LBN 258, GM 2-41

    Many thanks,Mark... Thanks to you for the kind comments! Antonio
  12. afesan

    LBN 258, GM 2-41

    Thanks, Waldemar ! Trying to improve in every image... ...but this is not always possible ... . Some images are good..other are far worse... This is a hobby !! Happy you like it ! Antonio
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