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  1. Hi all, I was suffering from similar problems, my "Sorgenkind" was the focuser. I had to realize, that setting up (installing) the devices (mount, FW, CDD, GPS, focuser) when they are plugged-in the computer (either directly or via a hub) and removed again leave, from time to time, "zombie" COM-ports behind, which are normally not visible in the hardware manager. Here is a link to a page in the www (unfortunately in german) where this phenomenon AND its cure is described: https://serielleschnittstelle.de/index.php/zusatzinformationen/tipps-und-tricks/zombie-schnittstellen-entfernen.html Since I do not have a permanently installed mount, I must plug and unplug my devices to my computer when the mount installed in front of my garage - and from time to time, COM ports were left behind which screwed the whole system - GPS was not recognized, focuser (old OK3) was not found and did lead to error message of USB-port problem. After making the invisible and left-behind COM-ports visible, and after removing them as described in the link, everything works as expected... Hope this helps, Christian
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    Ok, here comes the solution: I had to manually edit the Sequence.ini file... [Autofocus Settings] First Exposure Time=1 Shortes possible Exposure Time=0,1 Longest allowed Exposure Time=5 First Move Step (mm)=0,42 Fine Move Step (mm)=0,21 Start Binning=2 "initially 3 was set here" Start Box Size=1000 Final Box Size=200 Maximum Way during Focusing=5 Averages on first focusing=1 Averages on fine focusing=2 Minimum Star Brightness=1000 Maximum Star Brightness=50000 Target Star Brightness=5000 Use frame set in MaximDL=TRUE Focusing Timeout (seconds)=30 Focusing Initial Wait time until checking for position reached (seconds)=1 Focusing Slew Settle Time=1 Readoutmode of CCD during Focusing=0 "initially -1 was set here" Filter used normally for Autofocus=1 Slope (HFD per Focuschange in Pix per mm=0,0212 Focuser Tolerance in mm (when a new position is accepted)=1 Time in Minutes when at least an Autofocus should be made=40 If a slew from last Autofocus is larger than that it will make new Autofocus=40 Never make Autofocus checks during Sequence=False Autofocus every new line=False Binning for HFD Calculation=2 "initially 3 was set here" Interpolation for Brightest Pixel determination=2 After manipulating these settings manually, autofocus works as with my FLI. I suppose, that there might be a problem with saving the ini-file if you change settings within SEQ - just my two pence... Regards, Christian
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    Additional info: Imaging for pointing pictures works fine...there seems to be an issue if it comes down to focusing... Maybe the embedded ACC in Autoslew is the problem? I will re-visit this issue tonight... However, every thought and hint is appreciated... Regards, Christian
  4. si6pack


    Hi, I am suffering from a problem with Sequence (latest version) and my SX-H694 - whenever I try to autofocus, I receive the error message "could not receive focus" - continue retry etc. I know from former times, that the box "readoutmodes" in the CCD setting menu should be unchecked. I was using SEQ with my FLI CCD and there was no problem at all...just switching the CCD led to the problems... Maybe there is a user who could is using also a Starlight Xpress CCD successfully and is will to share his setting with me or tell me how he/she made his/her baby work. Every hint is very much appreciated! Kindest regards, Christian
  5. This is what I do: First night: Motor on Homefind Clear old config 3-star polar alignment using SEQ Solve frames Using AS - load autopoint Calculate 3-star config Polar align Correct slew via Az and Alt If not cleared automatically by AS, manually clear (polar) config Slew somewhere on same side of meridian Take picture and solve Sync solved picture (Maxim) In AS: cross ckeck if config is cleared, then set new homeposition In SEQ: 22-star pointing file Solve frames In AS: load auotopoint file Calaculate config normally Ra Save config for next start Start SEQ run - MLPT enabled, dither 4 pix, grouped by slot After SEQ finished, Telescope parked (near homeposition, counterweight shaft on E), then motors off, shut down all soft, shut down computer, axes fixed by inbus screws... Second night (and following, so weather will): Unfix screws in Ra and Dec Switch on motors, Ra and Dec calibration Homefind Start SEQ run for desired object 99% perfect frames Whenever I did an additional polar alignment with my config file used, it became crap...if I follow what I described above, everything fine...forgot to mention AS and SEQ 2.0.9; latest AS version ( screwed whole system...! Therefore I am back on Regards, Christian
  6. I do not whether my comment will help to solve your problem, however I would like to comment 2 things: 1) When I looked at you posted AS window, I see that both axis were calibrated, but what I miss is the "homefind" command. If I forget to issue my homefind, then I get wired pointing results. Therefore I would speculate, that issuing a "homefind" might solve you issue...or do you have absolute encoders? 2) In my experience, doing an autopoint over an existing autopoint file (config file) never added to the pointing quality. Since 3 to 4 nights with a clear sky are rare at my side, I have to pull my setup back in my garage very often. When I start over again, the first step I do is to make 100% sure that my old config file is deleted in AS, then I do the polar alignment, manully delete the polar config (sometimes it is deleted automatically by AS, sometimes not; no pattern here) and then do the 22-star pointing file...then, Everything works just great. Hope this helps, Christian
  7. Hi Ian, I am running the focuser via an external ASA software called "ACC" - I never could drive my OK3 via Autoslew - I always had to use ACC. In the latest version of AS ( you can tick a box "ACC" and ACC starts with AS on the next start...since my OK3 never worked via AS, I do not know whether or not this ACC checkbox was present in ealier versions of AS (i.e. or Not sufficient power or the connection might always be an issue and worthwhile to be crosschecked - just my two pence. Hope this helps!? Regards, Christian
  8. Hi Ian, I read about the FTDI driver issue but so far I did not encounter this problem with my Win10 installation (update "on"). I am using the latest version of AS ( and SEQ (2.0.9) - it works flawlessly in the Win10 surrounding. However I am aware that other users have problems - I am wondering what the difference might be, but so fat I have no idea... Regards, Christian
  9. Hi John, Sorry I can not comment on Q1, since my I left the "CalcFourier" as it was when I installed SEQ and I use MLPT only during my SEQ-runs. As Mark, I use a mobile setup of my DDM85 on a wheelybar - I can confirm what Mark is posting: First I do a 3-star polar alignment using SEQ. This normally brings the PA error down approx. 3"; depending on schedule, I do a second PA to limit the PA error to With these preparations in place I do a SEQ-run (one or two objects per night) using MLPT - my last sessions were perfect (if you look in this forum, I had lots of trouble of solving MLPT frames using SEQ while external solves worked out perfectly - this issue went away, I do not know why, but I am happy for that ;-) ). Meridian Flips are no issue, SEQ automatically starts with an additional MLPT run and sends the data to AS. Christian
  10. Thank you George. Maybe there is a (major?) difference between those versions!? I found an old OFFICE 2007 and will give it a try... I keep you posted.
  11. George, In the meanwhile I installed a virtual Win10 64bit machine on my iMac and installed the latest EXCEL from Office365...unfortunately, I am still not able to "convert" my log files into graphs...what version of EXCEL are you running? Regards, Christian
  12. Thank you George! Very interesting - I am wondering what the reason for this behavior is? The telescope is very good balanced...hmm, I have to find a PC with EXCEL to check my other logs...
  13. Hi George, thank you very much for your efforts adapting the spreadsheet - however it still throws out the error 1004... What do I do: I open EXCEL (Office 365, Mac), I load you spreadsheet, I load the log-file in an editor, I copy the file to the clipboard (cmd + a -> cmd +c), I press "process" and end up with the error... Please don't spend your time tracking down the issue, everything is fine! My observation with the DDM85: From time to time, a huge current builds up (there is no rule when), which is suddenly relieved leading to star trails... Once again thank you very much for your efforts! Best regards, Christian
  14. George, thank you very much for sharing your EXCEL spreadsheet - this is very much appreciated. Since I suffer of "stripes" from time to time I downloaded the file and loaded two independent servo logs - unfortunately, it always ends up with an error 1004... Just in case you would like to investigate this issue I added a DropBox-link below - the folder contains the 2 above mentioned servo logs. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v8yqra9o97zelic/AAATBahj9JoByGPkfqjI0pRsa?oref=e&n=16679899 Thank you very much for your help in advance. Kindest regards, Christian
  15. Thank you Michael for your feed back! When I used MaximDL V5 instead V6, everything was fine, too! One other question: I saw a post of you in the Bisque TSXpro forum dealing with the question of satellite tracking - could you sort this out in the meanwhile? If yes, would you be willing to share what software you are using? Thank you for your help in advance, Christian
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