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  1. Maybe this one? DDM85_ProductManual_E.pdf
  2. Hi Dave, This is the pinout for that connector: 3-pin Connector DEC: Nr 1 Plus 0-12 V 5 A max for fan regulation through AS Nr 3 Minus The connector itself is a threaded Lumberg 3p DIN connector SV30 Lumberg, DIN Audio / Video Connector, 3 Contacts, Plug | Farnell Regards, Waldemar
  3. Hi Erik, Does this have anything to do with the new USB hub you think?
  4. Hi Wojtek, I am sorry, but very few people outside Poland speak Polish... would you mind translating into English please? 😉 Waldemar
  5. That may be because you are likely the first person to use a DDM200... Mounting a telescope is often a matter of drilling and threading holes on the desired places... Being kind of inventive is a must in this hobby... Succes, Waldemar
  6. Sorry for the hijack, but I am very curious. Lukas...
  7. If you wish, I can send you the file, but with normal email it will be regarded as a hazardous file and will be deleted. Therefore it would be best to send it with 'we transfer'. For that I need your email address. I will send you a pm with mine. Waldemar
  8. which versions do you use? AutoSlew and Sequence are regarded 'stable' by ASA
  9. succes Dave ! 🙂
  10. Reinstalling AS should not give you any problems, just delete the old install in apps and reinstall, but state it is not a first install, so your ini files won't be deleted. Between delete and reinstall, restart your computer.
  11. If both are connected to the internet, you may suspect they both got one of those sneaky Windows upgrades...
  12. Hi Dave, I am not using anything lately, so I cannot be of any real help, but this may very well be one of those weird windows issues. Did you re-install Ascom? BR, Waldemar
  13. Hi Daniel The current in your log files is quite high for both axes... This might indicate bad balance or bearing problems, though it would be a bit strange if that would happen on both axes at the same time. Very low temperatures may have some influence as well. I do not know what grease ASA uses to lubricate the mounts, but it may be worth asking them. Maybe Wolfgang can give you an answer. Cleaning and re-lubing with a grease that can handle extreme temperatures might be an option... Succes! BR, Waldemar
  14. Hi Sandra, I looked at the list and saw you are the newest member of this forum and being a staff member. Welcome! I like to take the opportunity to ask you how the chances are that we will ever get the promised new software or even an update of the existing software...? I am very pleased with my DDM85A mount, but not so much with the company ASA, especially not with the way they treat us, their customers. The past couple of years promises are made about new products and new software, but nothing happened not even a little notice that plans changed... The bliss about the revolutionary new mount with everything any amateur astronomer dreams of, was killed in an instant. Why? we can only guess The production of the DDM60 stopped totally. How about after sales service? The same goes for the DDM85... Now only the very expensive new line starting with DDM 100 is produced. Does this mean ASA is only interested in the professional market? Did ASA forget about their loyal amateur customers and drop us? for that is how it feels... I don't expect you to know all the answers Sandra, but an answer on my first question about the software, would be very much appreciated... Best Regards, Waldemar
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