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  1. Sad anyone would have to ask
  2. Kstars and Ekos looks very cool from the web pages. It would be nice to run all device in Linux on Rasberry PI. There just too many devices out there that are not yet supported by INDI including my dome, and the ASA mount. I guess FLI and other drivers need to be ASCOM for Windows to work. Perhaps in few years we will see more drivers. They really have quite a few drivers already.
  3. I like trying new software. I will look at Kstars. The big question is there a driver for everything we own. Does the ASA mount have a Lunux driver?
  4. Why would even want to do this? Seem like an extra headache with little benefit.
  5. This bug is fixed download the last Autoslew.
  6. I just did some tests so far. I want to try more without MLPT using SGP. I reserve test for moon up time. So more from me in few weeks. SGP needs to implement RBI from my SBIG camera before I try real runs with this. Btw, ASA recommend a new pointing model. I don't know why old data would be different from a software perspective. I love to here more results from others. Max
  7. See my post in the beta section. There was a error in flexure calculation which was identified and is now flexed. It requires new autopoint data. I doubled my unguided performance to 20 min without MLPT from 10 min. Max
  8. Current recommendation is to go into advance pointing uncheck the the use / optimize for east flexure , west flexure and mount pier flip. Then let super fit do its thing. Max
  9. I sent my autopoint files to ASA. I had been asking why on the forum why there is such residual error spread along the RA axis only. Apparently, tehy found that the flexure calculation is wrong. A new Autoslew version should fix this shortly. I see they just posted Version X.40 hopefully it has the fix. I don't how much this actually effected tracking and pointing. Max
  10. Something is weird with the mount. It has problems. I have played with balance for hours , it looks good, then tracking acts ups. Actually It got Dec balance perfect at 2.2 amp scale. That's perfect at all ALT and AZ positions. I could never get RA to balance as well. It would be several bars out at bellow 25 degrees E and W. At 45 degrees E and W it would be excellent , less than a bar. I using a radial offset weight to get Dec perfect. RA should be easy to get perfect in all position, I think. But it never is. The current should not ramp up from .5 amps to 2.0 in eithe
  11. Two files 2017_3_19_9h23m.txt 2017_3_19_15h18m.txt
  12. Dec Balance was perfect. All sky positions at 2.2 amp scale. I am estimating about 35 kg payload Max
  13. maxmirot


    What are you talking about? Max
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