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  1. Sad anyone would have to ask
  2. Has anyone disassembled to DDM85 or tried to replace the bearings themselves? This seems to be a common problem. You might need a hydraulic press but bearing replacement should not be too hard. Max
  3. I am sending my DDM85 incremental encode model for repair. I have another mount. So plan to put it up for sale once it fixed and back to original working condition. Is there any one in the group interest in a used DDM85 ? It comes with CWs and transport cases. I also have a 12N ASA astrograph to go on it too. Buy either or both. I am motivated and negotiable. Max
  4. I have to send my DDM85 for service. I plan to ship using the transport case that I own. The problem: I got my mount used. The prior owner has the foam inserts jumbled inside each container. I never used the transport cases having picked it up locally. It would be nice to ship in the cases. However, I am not very good at jigsaw puzzles. Any one have a picture of what the foam inserts should look like? Max
  5. We actually Sequence to end and Autoslew to get a upgrade. There a so many automation programs out there is no need for Sequence. It requires the use of unnecessary expensive components such as pinpoint and Max DL. Also, it is way too limited for device support If we had access to a few non ASCOM features such as MLPT we would have it made. Let's start a online petition for openning up a few driver options
  6. Sadly, no news on the "new software " Not optimistic that it will be an improvement. ASA has a bad habit of putting out something at the idea stage and not following through. Where is the new mounts to go with it? Max
  7. We need new software without these issues. Support is weak from ASA. No word on new development.
  9. They mention a SDK and multi platform support on the web site. I asked in February but it was not available. I asked again in last April. Nothing yet. I lost interest waiting for info.
  10. I agree no QC on the optics and the CF tube. These parts should never gone into a scope.
  11. Real is showing in Autoslew. That what you would use if you need Autoslew current position
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