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  1. Hi - do you have still the installation files for Autoslew to set it up for XP?
  2. Hi - don't know, if this is also somehow connected to this topic.. I'm not sure, but I've the impression that since I changed to window10, I've sometimes simply hangup (with program not responding) and the only solutionm I found is physically unplug the USB connection. Georg.
  3. Hello all, in order to migrate computer systems and unfortunately I've to use an old system, because of an old ST-8 I like to ask... does autoslew operates under XP .. just plug in tell's me looking for driver of "ASA-Electric" .. (or do you know a converter for USB to 25pin parallel port which works bedirectional with an old ST8 parallel port version? - on 64 bit system using windows10? ) Georg.
  4. Hi @ all .... I just want to inform the community about the status of my issue After some checks performed by Phillip Keller through a Teamviewer Session, it has been stated that the Mount has a defect in DK-Axsis. So the mount have been turned back and I choosen the opportunities to upgrade to the next level. After getting the mount back it looks good - even in case of a "medium" balanced scope, it moves as it should. The only open issue is that I could not choose high speed movements because my Setup is still a "pilot setup" and not rebust enough against oszillations. This would
  5. Bernard, Thank you for your comment which makes me a little more hoping my issue can be resolved.. I see your scope has roughly the same weight as my does, but I guess it's not a Newton and theirfore have not such a long tube as my does. I've read the thread you mentioned - the idea to do so is very interesting. To do so for my tube needs a lot of preparation - so it well take some time... What I do not understand is why a potential inbalance is able to create such a strange behaviour move through Deklination having Region there it works and inbetween there are regions where it doe
  6. Hello - meanwhile I worked on the balance of the tube. (20 Inch Newton on a DDM85 standard - weight ~42 kg) I checked it with the inbuild balance tool of autoslew. Telescope pointing to the south and I worked on the RA-axis to bring it into balance - balance tool shows bars close together at less than 1 A current. So I assume it's ok. Now I focus in the DK-axis. My latitude is about 50 degree, so if I look on the DK coordinate - it runs from zenit to the horizon from +50 (zenit) to -40. I started a zenit first bring the telescope into the balance putting some weights nor
  7. I'v the USB port up to front end, and the stop is Close to minus 90 Deklination (northern hemisphere)
  8. I've recieved with my DDM85 Autoslew Version 5.2something. Within Section Drive->Servo-Setup there is a Balance tab... but I found no description for it.
  9. Hi - thank you for your first answers .... only one comment ... maybe I was not precise enough... Writing in balance more or less means the scope does not move itself having drives off. So it was somehow in balance - but your answers indicates that this level is not enough - I've to reach the next level - to get to the O-ring level needs definitive some time.. I guess, I've to make myself familar with the Balance Tool - I hope the description in the pdf files is sufficient In addition I will buy a spring scale to measure the fources needed to move the scope... So more come...
  10. Hi - after now getting all my componenst together today was first time I put my "final" scope onto the DDM85 (Standart) My first tests using a 6 inch Refractor run's very well and smooth... Now having much more payload (40kg) on the mount, I did not expect that every thing is easy... I'm absolutely aware that I'm will be maybe not able to do fast move with such a payload..... but I guess from nominal data it should work. What currently could observe is: -RA run's slowly but okay. -DK moves just about 5 degree (of slow movement) and after that I'll receive an errormess
  11. Ok - here we go with some more experience... turning the polar block works fine... positioning is quite ok. After I've done my first minimum pointing file (4 stars only ) pointing is ok on level of 2-3 arcsec though a movement of rougly 45 degree. I guess I can improve this by better mount allignment and larger pointing file.... However I got an issue with my STL 11000 connected with the onboard hub. The funny thing is - it starts exposure - but it looks like that the download of the impage to MaximDL does not work... it simply does not finish. If I connect the STL directly to my nore
  12. Hello - Thank you for your qucik feedback. Yes this makes sense Today I got my first experience - was just test run because final localtion is not yet prepared... . I was wondering a little how to deal with the location of the stoppers when I put the mount together.. May be my orientation was wrong... I've a DDM85 in a configuration for a equatorial pier... so it's not quite clear how orientate the RA-Axis-Block on the pier... after a sync n/s was exchanged... so maybe I've to turn the RA-Axis block 180 degree ... I guess the connectors and the bottom end of the RA-Axis has to
  13. Just recieved my DDM85 ... and checking a little... The thing im wondering about is: - on both axis there seemed to be stopper... I thought both axis can be turned 360 degree? Is this normal behavior? Best regards Georg (I apologize for potential bad english - I'm not a native speaker...)
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