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  1. robertp

    C drive full

    Hi Dave, glad to hear that you managed to delete the huge log-file. I've just read through the sesto-senso documentation and did not find an option to control the amount of logging-data that is stored. I would suggest that you monitor the log-file size to get a feeling how much it grows during one night. If it grows very fast, then it might make sense to contact primaluce to see whether they have a recommendation to avoid the problem. You could also check whether you have turned logging on in the ascom chooser, I guess there is a checkbox where you can turn logging on or off for the
  2. robertp

    C drive full

    Hi Dave, the huge file seems to be the log-file of your motor-focus, that connects to Sequence via Ascom. Have you tried to delete the file right after rebooting your computer before you start Sequence or any other astro-related programs? I would also suggest that you check the ascom driver to see whether you can define a different location for the log-file. Hope this helps, Robert
  3. Hi Daniel, I can't comment on the Astrodon filters. I use Baader filters and I also experience differences: The RGB-filters are basically parfocal but about 0,04mm off compared to the L-filter. The narrowband filters are about 0,33mm off compared to the L-filter, as the narrowband filters are 2mm thick whereas the LRGB filters are 3mm thick. The differences that you measure are substantial if the filters are claimed to be parfocal as expecially the difference between L and the narrowband filters is way bigger than your critical focus zone. To compensate for that, I put
  4. Hi Bill, was it working before and suddenly stopped working? Did you change anything in your setup? Best regards, Robert
  5. Hi Ralph, Have you tried to manually enter the encoder resolution into the appropriate ini file? Best regards, Robert
  6. Hi, that's strange, I guess some of the Sequence settings have to be wrong. I use Sequence without a focuser all the time and it works great. Please check your settings in the "Settings" - "Current Location and Hardware" window and make sure that the checkbox "Focuser installed" is not checked. Also make sure that in "Settings" - "Autofocus" the option "Autofocus during Sequence" - "Never" is checked (though I doubt that that is relevant). If that does not help, please send me ini-file of your configuration and I can try to reproduce the problem. Best regards, Robert
  7. Hi Josch, when I set up a new astro computer under win10, I also had some problems to get the sky 6 set up correctly. Here's what's working for me: In The Sky 6 in the telescope setup window I have chosen "Telescope API" in the drop down list. Under "settings" I have configured "POTH Hub". Clicking "Properties" brings up the POTH hub setup window. There clicking on "Choose Scope" brings up the ASCOM Telescope Chooser window, where I have chosen "Astrooptik Server Telescope". Hope this helps, Robert
  8. Hello community, I'm back from AME and had quite a long and good conversation with Dietmar. First of all, he is very aware of the discussion in this forum and also of the current activities to create an adequate documentation as a community effort. I try to summerize our conversation as good as possible. Dietmar, if any of my statements is not correct or misleading, please feel free to correct them so that we have a valid description of the situation. Dietmar mentioned that the original intention of that forum to be a platform where ASA users help other ASA users and therefore is mai
  9. Hi, the german AME fair takes place tomorrow and I hope to be able to talk to the ASA guys. Besides asking for the permission to use ASA documentation in the wiki and trying to understand what their view of this groups great effort to create decent documentation is - is there anything specific you want me to adress? Best regards and lots of kudos to what has been already achieved in terms of wiki structure and content, Robert
  10. Hi Mike, great that you have a working configuration right now. But it is strange that you need an additional piece of software to get it working. If that gets too cumbersome, maybe switching to a prooven logitech controller would be an option. Clear skies, Robert
  11. Hi, on the 10th of September, there's the AME fair in southern Germany. ASA usually has a booth there so I can try to discuss with them whether they would have a problem with us using their documentation as a basis for a user-group-maintained wiki page. I like the idea and would be willing to contribute where possible. Best regards, Robert
  12. Hi Mike, please try the following: In the joystick configuration window, there's the section in the upper right corner that says "Speed for full Joystick stroke". Set the parameter "No button" - "Move" to something like e.g. 100 and check whether the mount now moves when you use the 4-way-button. You can also watch the RA- and DEC-Coordinates in the main autoslew window. The default value of 2 is extremly slow, so you will hardly detect the mount moving (but you should see the RA or DEC-coordinates change). If that works, set the value back to 2 or maybe 5 and you will be able to do
  13. Hi, I can't check it at my astro computer right now, so I have to rely on my not so reliable memory: I'm quite sure that in the time-settings (mount - time setting or similar) there's an option that says something like "synch on each slew". It's advisable to use a GPS and not fully rely on the PC clock as those clocks can deviate over time significantly. I once had severe problems with tracking and after several tests and discussions with Philip Keller, I realized that the internal clock of the laptop I used at that time lost more than 30 seconds within an hour. In autoslew, one can mea
  14. Hello George, I also feel deeply sorry for the result. Let's hope that the results will not be too devastating. All the best for your country's and europe's future. Best regards from Ulm, Germany, Robert
  15. Hi Aaron, I guess that somehow even after the initial autofind the magnetic angle is not correct. Please make sure, that when you do the initial autofind, that the scope is balanced as good as possible in both axis. Wnen the autofind takes place, you get the window described at the bottom of page 9 in the manual (sorry, I couldn't find the english manual) http://www.astrosysteme.com/download/autoslew-beschreibung/?wpdmdl=3017 During the autofind, you will see these "bubbles" appear (the yellow lines). You should aim for two things: 1) The bubbles should be as symetrical as possible
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