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  1. Sort of on-topic follow up questions... Is sequence using Park1 position as default when closing a sequence? I have problems when parking close to 180 degrees S and keeping the CW bar pointing east, I have to set it to 179 degrees. Even if i set my settings to let the mount pass the meridian with 5 degrees, it won't park my scope at 180 degrees without doing a flip so that the CW bar is pointing west instead.. Anyone know why? /Daniel
  2. The story continues... I checked the balance again, and in both axis, both in the eastern and western part of the sky, both at 40 degree alt and 75 degree alt. In all of the places, the balance is just 0,1-0,2 amperes off at most, so the balance is one of the best i have ever pulled off. I also checked the motor log for autoslew, there is a bit high current, sometimes going up to 4 amps, so there is some issue - BUT, autoslew has during theese days never showed servo error or pointing error, not once! This time, it suddenly stopped in the middle of an MLPT, it did the meridian flip
  3. Hi! Tha last two nights, I had priobem with Autoslew crashing (Not responding). Both times, it has been when the mount is close to make an meridian flip - the first time, it wen't ok, last night, it didn't. I don't know if this has anything at all to do with my mount beeing close to the meridian thoguh. Sequence sais in the bottom left corner that "Ascom Slewing" - but the mount it not slewing at all. Autoslew logs is looking ok (a bit to high current but no error), The last 5 minutes in the log before the crash is attatched) As you can see, the log sais nothing about making a slew
  4. Thanks for your reply. The scope is a 10" astrograph, maybe 20kgs load total, so the weight is not an issue. I do might have some radial balancing offset to look into. Last night went OK though, just made a fine tuning of the balance, changing a small balance weight. and making a new high performance autotune. I do how ever have a small difference in balance in different positions, i might take the rig down and play more with off set balancing. I will read the other thread once again
  5. I have been struggeling with my DDM 85 with incremental encoders. I have been balacing the rig to the full extent, the yellow bars are lining up at the "1.6A" view, in almost every position. But anyway, i get servo error almsot every time during a 5-6 hrs long session. I have attached the log if anyone care to take a loko at it... Some questions though - the "position" for each axis, is that Alt/az reported from autoslew? they look somewhat odd to mee as i was photographing the flaming star nebula at roughly 45 degree above horizon at the moment... /Daniel Utdrag från motorlogg
  6. My pleasure, it might help someone /Daniel
  7. Thank you for the input, much appreciated! I did another round of autofocus and this time, I got a totally different result. I perhaps got my scope a bit better collimated before. I will also try a third time with new V-slope measurements. This time it wen't much better and it looks like Ha and O3 is spot on, compared to my reference filter which is L. RGB is just a hundred of a millimeter off compared to the L so that is good to go. I will also calculate the distance in steps to have that in hand if i need to try the Maxim DL route. (Do i need FocusMax plugin for maxim to ge
  8. Hi, I am having some trouble with my focus offset and thought you guys might have som pointers Equipment: 10" f4 1000mm, with 3" TSNTRED corrector reducer f3,4 850mm Astrodon 36mm unmounted filters So, first of, theese filters are stated to be parfocal, but in my experience, they are somewhat off, either that or it has to do with collimation / altered conditions during the night. How ever, i took three readings (Autofocus in sequence) and avreged them out per filter, and the autofocus routine says the offset for RGB compared to L is around 0.02 to 0.03mm (if the autofocus routine
  9. Hi, I have started a youtube video where I cover all sorts of things. I actually made a video on how to balance a DDM mount, if anyone is interested in watching it Thought it might be useful for those who are in the market for a direct driven mount as balacing is one of the main questions (to my knowledge). /Daniel You can find the video here:
  10. sience i rolled back to win7, i am not sure what was wrong, either my pc who didn't support win10 (dell optiplex 960) or just a huge asa driver flaw. How ever, i installed win7 and haven't got any problems at all sience. Besides from that my Atik 460 died on me a few days ago
  11. Yea i had too many wierd errors, it seemed to be best to install Windows 7 again. I have now 100% perfect 5min subs, even through zenit. /Daniel
  12. I could post a few .trg files tonight when i am at home. But - i think the most important thing is to get a good focus star, and how does Sequence chooses the star? /Daniel
  13. Good to know My ear went pointy when he said that he controlled a Direct drive mount... maybe there are alot of different kinds out there?
  14. Hi, i just stumbled upon a one hour presentation of Prism on the Astro Imaging Channel on youtube. At one moment in the presentation given by the authour of the program he sais "i was running a direct drive mount in Chile with this program" To me it sounds worth investigate, i can't find anything on the Internet though. The program is complete, i mean everything. Sky chart, object chooser, weather, dome control, sequencer, editing... 499USD Anyone know more if this supports DDMs? /Daniel
  15. So... Is this possible to implement in SGPro? I really wanna use a better program than Seq. /Daniel
  16. I have been looking into it a bit and the .xls file that you can export is HUGE - i can't even insert it as code on this forum. There is how ever a script example in AStro planner for running a export script to CCD commander, maybe we can start out from that? I have never scripted before but it shouldn't be that difficult? Here is the script code for CCDc; //- Paul Rodman, Jan 2010 //- //- V1.0 25 Jan 2010 //- Initial Release //- V1.1 25 Jan 2010 //- Minor changes (Juan Gonzalez) //- V1.2 8 Feb 2010 //- Modified for V2 //- V1.3 15 Oct 2012 //- Added ability to choose ID, N
  17. Just downloaded the program (no license so i have limited functionality) and after a quick look it looks like i can export as text document and .xls how ever, you can script Astro planner, am looking into it right now. How does XSLT works? i have never used that before?
  18. Hi, i am looking for a program that helps me choose what object to image. I have been looking into Astro Planner (maybe you have a better suggestion?) One feature of Astro Planner is that you can export your list - but can it export to Sequence? The target file in sequence uses a .trg fiel extension and contains this; <?xml version="1.0"?> <clsTarget xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <Name /> <ObjRa>00h53m45,6s</ObjRa> <ObjDe>+56d42m26s</ObjDe> <FocRa>00h25m42,0s&
  19. I am following this interesting discussion. I made a 5 itteration PA following the new tutorial, works very well. I have made a shortlist of all the steps for new beginners; How to Polar align your telescope setup with DDM85 (60?) with incremental encoders. Start Autoslew Motor ON Clear config Homefind Start CdC (or other planetarium) Synch on Star Set new home pos Start Sequence Chose autopoint - 3star east PA Load pointingfile in Autoslew Calculate - choose for Polar Align Center a star near meridian (DO NOT SYNCH) Choose Polar adjust Adjust Alt/AZ screws on yo
  20. Corpze

    Solve settings?

    Just a quick update... Seemed to be win 10 that made all fall apart... No problem what so ever with win 7. Same settings, 5 itteration PA and the last one down to 1,2 arcminute in RA and 0,2 arcminute in Dec :-) Running a 45 star pointing file right now. I have documented all for the wiki.
  21. I tried to unistall and reinstall AS several times, i tried to reset all the com-ports and even unistall/reinstalled all the drivers again with no luck. The pc i use, dell Optiplex 960 isn't supported for win10 either. I will go for win7 now :-)
  22. We should really add these commands under the wiki-site, for those who want to script etc. /Daniel
  23. I was thinking the exact same thing Nigel, i would really like to see your menu or a similar one - it make more sense. /Daniel
  24. I backed down to win7, i was up and running within an hour, everything worked at once... /Daniel
  25. Have you looked at the video of me running a autopoint and calculating the pointingfile? I do not wan't to add something that might contain eny errors... It worked for me that time but you never know with autoslew (especially on win10) Wen't back to win7 and everything was operating flawlessly within an hour. Personally, as a newbe - the hardest thing for me to get the mount up and running was; - How crucial the balance and tuning is. Best result did I get when i did a; Rough balance Autotune Manual tune Balance And t
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