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  1. Hi Josch! Make a pointingfile. Than make a plate-solve of the pointing-pictures with virtuell-pinpoint with wcs-setting. After this, solve the pointing-file with sequence. This works for me. Stephan
  2. Hi Josch! It seems to me that your plate solving don't funktion. Look at the sequence-log. Stephan
  3. Hi Jose! In Autoslew you load your autopointing-file (xxx.poi). Then you calculate with the calculator-symbol the configuration. After that you have to click "save and use" the config-file (yyy.cfg), which is loaded every time you start Autoslew. You can see it in the start-window/log. Stephan
  4. Hi Jose The easiest way to find your pox-file is to make a search in the windows-explorer with ".pox" starting with your drive c:\ . This search will show you all your pointing-files. In autoslew you have to load this file with "load autopointing-file" Stephan
  5. Hi Mark, Robert! We got it!! The last two nights i could make a good pointingfile (22 of 24 pictures solved) and make my mount working. After that i updated Autoslew-, Sequence- and Pinpoint-software to the latest versions. At least i could make unguided pictures with 10 minutes expose time. the next thing i have to do, is to make a better polar-aligment. Thank's for your help and clear skies! Stephan
  6. Hi Robert, sorry! I had only cloudy and rainy weather. Perhaps i get a chance friday or saturday. Stephan
  7. Hi Robert! That is correct! But if i copy the last XP Autoslew.ini file - with the wrong folder-pointer - to the Win10 program-folder of Autoslew, the fault starts. Stephan
  8. Hello Robert, hello Mark! I think I found the real problem, i.e. the lack of accuracy of the mount !!! One should be able to read! When opening Autoslew, the log file says that Autoslew cannot find the config file. When I noticed this, I took a closer look at the Autolslew.ini file. The folder for loading the configuration file is specified in this file under [More Parameters]: "Last Pointing-Configuration File = C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ ASA \ Autoslew \ 20120525a.cfg". Since I had a Windows XP system up to now, this was fine too. But my new PC has a Windows 10 system on which this folder does not exist. Windows 10 stores such files under c: \ ProgramData \ ASA \ Autoslew. After creating a new configuration under Windows 10, Autoslew tries to save this configuration file under c: \ Programme \ Autoslew. However, this cannot work because this folder does not exist either. Correct would be under Windows 10 c: \ programme(x86)\ Autoslew. For this reason, no new configuration file is created and Autoslew continues to point to a wrong or a nonexistent folder. Of course, that can't work. The output error is the wrong - and by the way the only one - folder specification in the Autoslew.ini. Who pays attention to this! I will change this folder accordingly and, if Heaven permits, try it out. Kind regards Stephan
  9. Hello Robert! I bought the DDM60 at 20.07.2010. Therefore i think it is one of the first Mounts, where i had to find out the encoders settings. Before i made the new setup at the new windows10-pc, i asked the ASA-support what to do and Mr.Promper gave me the advise to copy the autoslew.ini and the cl-servos.ini to the program-folder of autoslew. Therefore the old and new settings of cl-servos.ini are equal. For the axis 1 the setting are 15244 and for axis 2 the setting are 12566. I will make a new try, as soon as the weather give me a clear sky. Best regards Stephan
  10. My mount is a DDM60 with incremental encoders. Stephan
  11. Hi Robert! My Mount is a ddm60 with Thank you for your idea, I will try that. For my new camera with very expansive pictures (120mb/picture) i had to make a new setup with a new windows10-pc. By doing this, i thought to install the newest Autoslew (5248) and the newest Sequence (0211). That might be the problem?! I will go back to the older Autoslew Version 5111 and the last working configuration, which was stable to my mount, and try it again. Ich werde auf die ältere Autoslew-Version 5111 und die letzte funktionierende Konfiguration zurückgreifen, die zu meinem Mount stabil war, und es erneut versuchen. If i am sucessful, i will update to Autoslew 5248. Hope this works! Best regards Stephan
  12. Hello Robert! Thanks for your reply! My location is Juechen,Germany,NRW, a little town near Moenchengladbach/Neuss. You are right! Visual-Pinpoint use the spiral-search. The average-pointing-error are ca.15 arc-min. The way, you described, are similar to my actions. First i made a good polar-aligment (ra 0,3', dec1,0'). Then i determine the ERF (5-stars, 1-2-1-3-1). At last i synch a star near meridian an try a greater autopoint (18 stars, east and west). exactly the solving of this 18 autopoint-pictures are the problem! If i can solve this pictures first with Pinpoint and then make a PointingError.pox-file with Sequence, it will be a good work around and will not be very time-consuming (10min). Best regards, Stephan
  13. By the way: why can i not select and use the 5x5 spiral search in sequence?
  14. In Visual PinPoint i use this settings: Min Sigma 3, Filter FWHM 8, Hor./Vert.-Scale 0,558, Max Mag 15, Exp 40% 5x5 Spiral search, Max match residual 8, Min Stars 15, Max-# stars to match 200 and Max-time 120s. Catalog USNO A2.0. Pinpoint solves every picture.
  15. I use a telescope with 2788mm/250mm. My camera is a QHY600PH (pix-size 3,76 x 3,76 Mikrometer² mit 9 576 x 6.388 pixel full-format). My pointing-pics are made with 5sec with 2xbinning and luminanz-filter. The settings of sequence are Min size 9.00, Min sigma 3.00, FWHM 8.00, Min stars 15, Maxmag 15, Timelimit 120s. I use the gsc-and the UsnoA2.0-catalog. Sequence solve 2 two of 18 pictures with this settings. With the standard-settings sequence solved 0 pictures. I tried calibrated and uncalibrated pictures and expose-time 5s, 15s and 30s. Nothing worked.
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