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  1. Hi Laurent, The problem seems to have improved, possibly due to improving motor settings? I have Martin on-line who ran a sequence doing random slews for over an hour last Monday without any problems. However, after he had logged off, I ran it again and this time I had 2 NES. I sent the logs to Martin and waiting for a response from him for the next steps. Dale
  2. OK - I have changed computers to eliminate possible computer problems, but the NES problem persists. After an initial response from ASA support and sending them my log files, etc. I have had no further response for more than 2 months.
  3. Hi Waldemar, No, just a single USB connector
  4. Hi Christina, I thought I had after updating the firmware. (which did improve other functions) But still happening intermittently. I have a suspicion that it may be USB related and not the mount itself. So I have an industrial mini-pc on order with many on-board USB and COM ports. I will report back if the problem is solved then. Dale
  5. Hi, I am having problems with never ending slews with my DDM60 (2011) and sometimes the mount running away during a slew and crashing into the pier. It seems to be worsening. How do I contact support @ ASA to send them my log files and do some diagnostics? Dale
  6. After working fine for many years, I had to reinstall all my apps after Windows crashed. Now I just cannot get ACP to guide my DDM60. I have tried all kinds of settings, but guiding corrections in X go in the wrong direction when guiding pointing West from ACP. So far have not been able to resolve from ACP forum, so I am hoping some ACP users here could assist with their setup. I use a OAG. I can get guiding to work fine in Maxim, so I cannot understand what is going on as it all worked before. Guiding calibration tried from Maxim and ACP. Could ACP users please advise their setting for; Autoslew setting for reverse guide directions after flip - on or off Maxim Auto Pier flip - on or off Maxim Pier flip - on or off Maxim Reverse X and Y settings on or off Thanks Dale
  7. Hi Ralph, I am using AS for many years now with ACP and ACP Scheduler. There are some minor issues that PK is aware of: - Problem with excessive wait (many hours) near the south SP for a pier flip - Some issue with AS not parking after a ACSOM park command under certain conditions. Every now and then I have an unexplained never ending slew/coordinate problems which causes ACP to wait and never shut down in the morning. It sounds worse that it actually is and I get may nights with imaging efficiencies >80% and even the latter problem is safely overridden during a weather event. Dale
  8. In my experience, make sure it is a powered hub and use active USB extension cables. Dale
  9. dalelieb


    I use dithering for both unguided (<=300s) and guided from ACP. Random but typically a few pixels Dale
  10. Hi Simon, No, this was something different. The intention was that when a target is activated from automation software, the scope moves to a target and then performs a local pointing model for the specific target. I'm not sure how productive this would be as local pointing takes a few minutes to do. May as well then guide for long exposures. Dale
  11. Hi Guys, I note on the SoftBisqUser group that the latest daily build of TheSkyX can now connect directly to an Ascom telescope and someone reported connecting directly to an ASA mount. Dale
  12. Hi Guys, Some time ago, there was talk of writing scripts for automation software (e.g. ACP) to allow for these apps to automatically initiating a local pointing model for a new target. Anyone have any news on this? Dale
  13. Hi Bill, Sorry for the delay, have been away. Yes, I do use ACP Scheduler and it is a great piece of software. In theory, once everything is set up nicely, I don't even have to put my foot in my observatory - with Windows remote simply plug in my targets and on completion do the processing. In practice I don't like keeping my camera powered up all the time, so I switch off power during the day to the pier that supplies all the equipment. I can also confirm the issue with the mount not parking after shut down. As I now have a dome, it is not a problem for me. Dale
  14. Hi Bill, The issue mentioned in your first post must have been introduced in later versions of ACP and/or AS. Until last year, I was also using a roll-off roof where my scope had to park and pier had to drop before the roof could close. There were no issues with this at that stage. I now have installed a dome and usually keep the roof open and pier up - so I have not noticed the problems you mention. Dale
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