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  1. Be careful because I also wanted to re-coat my mirror because the quality was not there (for the price of the telescope I am a little disgusted with the policy of the ASA company). In short, I end up with a mirror from orionoptics with an aluminide sieve ... The companies contacted to re-coat the mirror all refused. The primary mirror being stuck on the barrel, the companies refuse to take charge of it (personal experience).
  2. Thank you very much for your response
  3. Last question Mark, Do you take 57.29mm as a backfocus for the Wynne corrector? By analyzing my images, I get 24% curvature on my images. It seems strange to me since I calculated everything to the nearest millimeter. BF Canon Ra = 20mm BF Adaptator = 29mm BF T-RING = 8,3mm TOTAL = 57,3mm
  4. Hello, Mark. Thanks a lot for your answer. 😉 These are the old G4 cameras so no built-in tilt adjustment. I use the optical divider from SKYMECA which manufactures this very simple and formidable system. For OTA alignment and collimation, I use the CATSEYE system which works very well and gives me satisfaction. Hope this can correct / minimize all these issues. Anyway, if the focuser didn't give me satisfaction, I changed everything for the OPTEC Leo system. I hope that with the CATSEYE everything will go well and that I will not go into interminable adjustments ..... That's what scares me.
  5. Hello, I would like to acquire a MORAVIAN G4-16000 camera with external filter wheel and ASA3 "corrector for my Newton ASA telescope. My focuser is an AAF3. I would like to know if a person has this camera and this eyepiece holder in order to know if it is well supported. I previously had a lighter camera, the G2-4000, and had a lot of tilt that was difficult to correct. Before buying the G4, I would prefer to inquire. Thank you very much for your help.
  6. hello everyone, after installing the ASCOM platformform6.4 driver and the software in the "support" section, I cannot bring up the ASCOM driver from the focuser. It is therefore impossible to use FocusMax for example. Did I forget something? Thank you in advance for your help.
  7. Hello Robert, Thank you for your reply. On the site of preciseparts.com, I must choose the correct corrector to make my ring. Several choices are available to me : But you answered my question I must take the 3KORRW corrector because my ASA10" telescope is an f3,8
  8. Hello In order to build a ring suitable for my Wynne corrector on the ASA10 ", what is the difference between the 3KORRW and the 3KORRH8? How do I know which group my Wynne concealer belongs to? Thank you
  9. Hello, After a lot of disappointment with the ASA company and my Newtonien telescope, I present you a large field around the nebula of the bubble comprising: - an open cluster of stars (M52-NGC 7654: distant about 5000 light years) - nebula I present you a large field around the nebula of the bubble comprising:- an open cluster of stars (M52-NGC 7654: distant about 5000 light years) - nebula NGC 7538 (active star formation region) - the bubble nebula (bubble created by the stellar wind of a star), which is about 10 light years in diameter and continues to grow, for comparison the diameter of the heliosphere, the sphere of influence of the Sun, would be close to 35 light-hours only.) ASA10" Newtonien Canon 6D Astrodon Paramount MyT 186x300s at 400ISO (02 and 03DEC2019) Total exposure : 15hrs
  10. Thank you for your feedback Christer I sent my primary mirror last Friday. I'm waiting for Wolfgang's return on quality. He will then confirm if the mirror will be exchanged or recoated.
  11. I'll have to look at that too. I will do the same procedure.
  12. Hello, Out of curiosity, has the problem been solved? What was the problem?
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