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  1. I'm curious about what is the most recent version of ACC Ascom Driver? I have an OK-3 focuser. Mine is version and appears to be working OK except for an occasional homing problem. Thanks, Michael
  2. Hi, I have the 12-inch Newtonian located in a remote observatory in San Diego. This year has been unusually humid. I currently do not try to image when the humidity goes above 80%. I'm thinking (actually hoping) that may be a little conservative. I assume the rear fan will help a little. I'm curious about others experiences about at what point dew forms? Thanks, Michael
  3. All, My N12 has been in an observatory for several years without a lens cap. Both the secondary and the corrector have crud on them which will not brush off. Please advise on how best to clean these surfaces. Regards, Michael
  4. It looks to be 1-inch (25mm) wide and about 1mm thick. Although mine is pretty compacted. Do you think this would work? http://www.thefeltcompany.com/felt-tape-stripping/ Thanks Michael
  5. The felt on my N12 tube rings has come off. Some of it is lost. Can anyone point me to something compatible? Michael
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