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Collinder 399


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Collinder 399 (Cr 399) is a random grouping of stars located in the constellation Vulpecula. It is known as Al Sufi's Cluster or Brocchi's Cluster. The brighter members form an asterism also known as the Coathanger.


In 1931, Swedish astronomer Per Collinder listed it in his catalogue of open clusters. The group was considered to be a cluster for many years, but a study in 1970 concluded that only 6 of the brightest stars formed an actual cluster. Several independent studies since 1998 have now determined that this object is not a true cluster at all, but rather just a chance alignment of stars.


2-panel mosaic


ASA 10" Astrograph

ASA 3" Wynne-Corrector

ASA DDM60, no guiding


Moravian G3-16200

total exposure time: ~19h


More data and higher resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/cr399-2018_08_10.htm





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