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NGC 2014, 2020, 2035, 2040 et al


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This interesting region in an arm of the Large Magellanic Cloud contains several contrasting objects. NGC 2020 is the large very turbulent Ha emission nebula, and beside it is a more unusual oxygen emission nebula lit by young blue stars. The smaller, also very turbulent, Ha cloud is NGC2040. There is a number of other interesting objects scattered through the image.


The data for this image was taken over three fairly difficult nights characterized by intermittent cloud, wind, and high humidity.


2 hours RGB, and 2 hours Ha make up the image. It is an LRGB combination using Ha and R data for the L channel. ASA10N, DDM60 unguided.




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(es – NGC 2020)

Esta nube está compuesta principalmente de gas, muchas estrellas jóvenes y estrellas en formación. NGC 2020 tiene una forma circular. La nube ha adoptado esta forma porque en su centro se está formando una estrella muy caliente. Su tonalidad azulada viene dada por la energía irradiada por la radiación de las nuevas estrellas que nacen en la nube. Esta energía separa los electrones de los átomos de oxígeno, dando a la nube su tinte azulado.


(en – NGC 2020)

This cloud is mainly composed of gas, many young stars and forming stars. NGC 2020 has a circular shape. The cloud has adopted this shape because in its center, a very hot star is forming. Its bluish hue is given by the energy radiated by the radiation of the new stars being born in the cloud. This energy detaches electrons from oxygen atoms, giving the cloud its bluish tint.

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