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Off Axis guiding or a guide tube?

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A warm hello to the ASA Forum,

my name is Thomas and next weekend I will be the proud owner of an ASA 12N. After many years of Dobson observation, I built an observatory and dedicated myself to astrophotography. With 12 inch f:4 I already have some experience. But I can't get any further with one question, the topic Guiding.

What is recommended for a non ASA mount, off Axis guiding or a guide tube?

I would be very pleased about a recommendation or practical experience.

To the system: ASA 12N + 3 inch Wynne Corrector on an EQ8

Best regards and CS, Thomas

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Hi Thomas, congratulation with your purchase of the ASA 12N and welcome to the forum!

To avoid any differential flexure, Off Axis Guiding works better then a guidescope. That goes for any telescope, not only an ASA.

Especially reflectors, because of the use of the mirrorcell are criticall for differential effects with a guiding scope.
On top of that there will be less weight involved to be carried by your mount.

I don't own an ASA telescope, so I have no idea about backfocus and possibillities for an OAG.


Succes on your decission and the steep learning curve of astrophotography!

best regards,

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Hi, Waldemar,

thank you very much for your welcome and the feedback to my question.

What you write makes sense to me and confirms my experience with an existing Newton system. Now the question remains which adaptation harmonizes with the system. Fortunately I found a reseller who offers a corresponding adapter / Off Axis guider for the 3 inch Wynne Corrector.

Best regards from the rainy Eifel and CS, Thomas

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