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Introducing myself - Stephen Avery


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Having retired at the end of 2013, I decided I needed a new hobby, so installed (with the help of Rupert from Astrograph) a new ASA system at the E-Eye facility near Fregenal de la Sierra, Spain.


The system comprises an ASA400 F8 RC scope having a native focal length of 3200mm, fitted with a 0.69x reducer, converting the system to 2208mm/F5.52.  The scope is supported on an ASA DDM85 Premium mount with an ASA bent pier.  My camera is a Moravian G4-16803C1 with KAF-16803 sensor, and has a Moravian EFW-4L-7 50mmx50mm filter wheel equipped with a set of Astronomik filters: a deep sky RGB set and 6nm Ha, SII and OIII NB filters.


I am running ASA's own software: Sequence, Autoslew, Autofocus, coupled with Maxim DL for camera control.  The hardware comprises a small PC running Windows 10, a Dragonfly, and an AAG Cloudwatcher.  Accordingly, the system is fully remotely controlled from my home in Sussex, UK.


My main interest is in deep sky astrophotography.  I am processing my data using PixInsight.


As might be expected with a relatively complex new system, there were a few teething problems, but now everything works very well and gives excellent results.

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