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Selling one of my DDM85XL's



Hi there,

as I am pretty unsuccessful in selling my remote observatory located in Astrocamp, Spain, I am now considering to sell the single components. Maybe there is something for each of you :)

  • ASA DDM85XL on bent pier with counterweights and original power supply; I would imagine to ask about 9.500 Euro plus shipping (original shipping cartons are ready). It's a 2012 version with relative encoders.
  • FLI ML16200 with grade 2 CCD, bought in 2017: Asking for 4000 EUR
  • FLi Filter Wheel including LRGB Ha7 OIII SII Baader round filters: 1500 EUR
  • Optical tube: Newton configuration, 14.5" Alluna main mirror, ASA 3" Wynne corrector; customized focuser: Make offer

The system is still running and usable remotely, so if someone would like to check the performance of the components I am willing to make a remote session. The components are working perfectly - well, maybe it would be time to make a new coating on the main mirror, after all it is running since 7 years.

The prices I indicated are indicative, and I am gladly considering any offers. Maybe there is something for you among the stuff :)

Best regards


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Hi Lukas!

I am interested in your DDM85XL with pier mount. Is it still up for sale?

It would fit as a mount for our students telescope being set up remotely at star park Hohe Dirn in Austria. Does the mount need any service prior to a permanent setup? I need to ask ASA about their experience with this type of mount. I have been told, that the grease needs to be renewed after some time of usage.

Kind regards,


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Hi Michael,

well, currently the mount is at work in Namibia, but I am planning to move the observatory into a dome where I will need a new fork mount. So yes, in theory the mount would be available from April 2022 onwards (!) if you are interested. I would service i, even if it works perfectly and has been upgraded to absolute encoders, just beccause once it is set up one usually won't touch it anymore :)

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