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Question for Sandra


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Hi Sandra, I looked at the list and saw you are the newest member of this forum and being a staff member. Welcome!
I like to take the opportunity to ask you how the chances are that we will ever get the promised new software or even an update of the existing software...? 

I am very pleased with my DDM85A mount, but not so much with the company ASA, especially not with the way they treat us, their customers.
The past couple of years promises are made about new products and new software, but nothing happened not even a little notice that plans changed...
The bliss about the revolutionary new mount with everything any amateur astronomer dreams of, was killed in an instant. Why? we can only guess
The production of the DDM60 stopped totally. How about after sales service? The same goes for the DDM85...
Now only the very expensive new line starting with DDM 100 is produced. Does this mean ASA is only interested in the professional market?
Did ASA forget about their loyal amateur customers and drop us? for that is how it feels... 

I don't expect you to know all the answers Sandra, but an answer on my first question about the software, would be very much appreciated...


Best Regards, Waldemar

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Sandra is responsible for marketing and web activities and is not involved in the products or development processes. 
I'll try to get some news on your questions.

Best regards,

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Hi Waldemar,

Thanks for your question, great to hear from you.

We are always on work for future projects, new software, new products. Products for amateur customers are a financial challenge for an European company. For new products it will be hard in the next years, but yes a smaller mount is not excluded in our visions. 

We know how Importenend the amateur customers are, so we operate the forum, the support and launch software updates free of charge for years. We still repair DDM60, DDM85,..and other older products, not for free, but we do it.

All the best,

ASA staff



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