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Balance issue or bad ball bearing?


I have been struggeling with my DDM 85 with incremental encoders.
I have been balacing the rig to the full extent, the yellow bars are lining up at the "1.6A" view, in almost every position.

But anyway, i get servo error almsot every time during a 5-6 hrs long session.

I have attached the log if anyone care to take a loko at it...

Some questions though - the "position" for each axis, is that Alt/az reported from autoslew? they look somewhat odd to mee as i was photographing the flaming star nebula at roughly 45 degree above horizon at the moment...


Utdrag från motorlogg 2021-01-04.txt

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What load is the mount carrying? These currents look high to me on both axes.

My DDM 85A carries an OTA and camera with a total weight of about 28kg - which is a relatively light load. Current on the DE axis is usually below 0.3A, and on the RA axis usually below 1.2A. The currents are dependent on load, however I do not know what the current vs. load curve is.



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Thanks for your reply.
The scope is a 10" astrograph, maybe 20kgs load total, so the weight is not an issue.
I do might have some radial balancing offset to look into.

Last night went OK though, just made a fine tuning of the balance, changing a small balance weight. and making a new high performance autotune.

I do how ever have a small difference in balance in different positions, i might take the rig down and play more with off set balancing.

I will read the other thread once again ;)

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