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When to Re-Coat Mirrors?

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I've landed and operated an ASA N12 astrograph in rural New England (US) since 2008, in an area with very little air pollution. How do I know whether the mirrors need re-coating? Or should this be done just as a matter of principle after more than 10 years?

Thanks, Bob Gillette

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Re-coating depends on the current quality. I have seen mirrors much older than 10 years and they are still in good conditions. 
Often mirrors are just dirty so a careful cleaning with alcohol and distilled water is enough to get a great result.

It's hard to say anything about it without seeing the mirror. Could you show us a photo from your mirror?



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Be careful because I also wanted to re-coat my mirror because the quality was not there (for the price of the telescope I am a little disgusted with the policy of the ASA company).

In short, I end up with a mirror from orionoptics with an aluminide sieve ...

The companies contacted to re-coat the mirror all refused.
The primary mirror being stuck on the barrel, the companies refuse to take charge of it (personal experience).

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