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Sequence failed/stopped during MLPT run before starting my imaging run :-(


Last night I was hoping to do a short imaging run of a Comet .... 10 x 100sec using the CLS filter. Nothing fancy! First time the weather had been good enough for weeks!
Everything looked to be going well until everything froze up halfway through doing the MLPT plate solving process .... I have never had this problem before.
I can see that the first Sequence log file fails after the 6th plate solve for some reason The sky was clear so I don't know why it couldn't find any stars to solve on.
After a complete shut down and full re-start of the computer the second attempt got a step further but then just stopped.
On both runs the whole set up froze at the end.
I am attaching the two log files from Sequence from last night .... but I cannot see any obvious problems highlighted here 😞
Is it possible that my MLPT settings in Sequence is not ideal for this type of short imaging runs and causing my problems?
Currently my settings in Sequence for MLPT is (1) [ Exposure distance in minutes = 8 ] .... and (2) .... [ MLTP Iterations = 2 ]
Any ideas?

2021_2_22_19h16m.txt 2021_2_22_18h55m.txt

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It looks likely that my problem was caused by MaximDL being corrupted in some way.

I did a "deep" uninstall on Maxim and re-install ... and all works well now. I did the same short imaging run twice to check things out ... firstly with no MLPT followed by MLTP set to 1xiterations.

Has anybody else had problems with MaximDL becoming corrupted when being used with Sequence at all???


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