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Sequence Settings for TCF-S

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I just try to use the sequence with my TCF-S-focuser. I have questions about the focuser-settings.

I don't understand the meaning of Focuser-Tolerance (TCF-s knows only Steps - one step is 2.16/10³mm with a range from 0 to 7000 Steps equal to 15,113 mm and  step-rate from 200 steps/sec). The backslash are 15 steps (0,0324mm). Which setting should i use.

Which setting should i use for Focuser-Timeout, Start Delay and Slew Settle Time ?

Please help


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Hi Stephan,

I don't have a TCF-s focuser, but I use a FLI Atlas with Sequence. You need to find by experiment how Sequence interprets the number of steps in mm. With the Atlas, I found that Sequence 'thinks' 1000 steps is 1mm. In fact 1000 steps of the Atlas is 0.083mm.

I then had to enter appropriate Coarse and fine AF steps in Sequence settings. These were 24mm and 12mm respectively. The actual movements of focus are 2mm and 1mm. These amounts gave good AF results.

Also, because the Atlas is so slow, I had to increase the focuser time-out to 100sec to prevent overflow error messages. I also increased the Maximum Way from Startpoint to 10mm. (ie actual 0.83mm).

You will need to find the right numbers for your focuser - but I hope this helps as a guide.


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