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Thinking of purchasing ddm100




i am new to the forum and hoping to get some advice from you experts out there. I am looking at a new observatory mount and was fixed on a 10 micron, but have been told to look at ddm100. I have an APM lzos 175 refractor and if wife permits looking at a new Astrograph. I have no experience with asa, but told they are the best out there. Quite a bold claim, but are they? How would you compare to gm2000 or other similar brands. I am very interested in exoplanet discovery, and satellite tracking. I heard ddm100 needs minimum scope weight of 40kg, is that true? If so how do you overcome this when your scope is say 30kg. I really appreciate any advise you can give me, this is a retirement gift to myself and want to get it right. Thank you.

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