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Problem axis RA



Good morning, I have a problem with an ASA DDM85 mount, I have been using this mount since 2011 in an observatory that we have in Ibiza, this year has been the time to update the computer equipment and image acquisition equipment, the problem arose when trying to test the mount with the new pc with windows 10, the problem is that it does not find the RA axis, on the old pc, with windows 7 when installing the drivers for the mount, it assigned two com ports, referring to the two axes, but with windows 10 it only assigns a com port, only to the declination axis and I can't find a driver that makes both axes work, has anyone had the same problem? and more importantly, have you managed to solve it?, at ASA they removed the tab for technical support downloads and I have no way of finding the correct driver, thank you very much in advance.

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If you download the latest Autoslew software (version 5428), and follow the instructions for mounts with incremental encoders you should have no problems. You should not need to set up any comports for the mount.

Hope this helps


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