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Introduction (Nigel Brooks)


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Hi all.  Firstly just to say I am very impressed with the forum software - don't know if it is a commercial package or developed by ASA themselves.


I live in Wiltshire in England but also have a property in the Hautes-Pyrenees region of France (just north east of Tarbes) where the skies are a lot clearer than Wiltshire most of the time!


Pressure of work has limited my astronomy in recent years but having sold my business I am now retired and able to give myself a major retirement present in the form of a permanent observatory with largely ASA equipment, replacing my old Meade LX90.


I hope to spend many happy hours getting it all working and doing some serious astrophotography and photometry.


More details of the observatory are in my profile, and I'm adding a photo record of its construction to my gallery.


My ASA kit gets delivered in June and I will be commissioning it throughout July, so experienced members of the forum can expect a lot of questions around then !

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Just mounted the 400mm Cass on the DDM85 Premium mount.  Bit hairy with just myself, my 2 sons and my wife but got there safely in the end.  I think I'll hire an engine hoist if I need to do it again though!


Now to install all the back-end equipment and then to wrestle with the software.  All good fun!

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Hi Nigel,


I will install my ODK16 on my DDM85 at the beginning of August (because the concrete part of the pier will be made tomorrow). I have the hoist to do this, mainly to reduce the risk on the OTA, even if me and my two friends from my astronomy club will handle the tube with extreme care. Safety should not be an option.


Are you in the Hautes Pyrénnées at the moment? It's not that far from my home, and I am interested to visit your observatory (and, as a software engineer,  I can be of some help if needed).


Best regards.



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