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Introduction. Jim Gardner


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Hello all


I am really excited to introduce myself to you all

I work in Los Angeles CA and live in Lake Havasu City AZ, home to the London Bridge

In Havasu the skies are very clear and imaging is great


I ordered my DDM60 just a few days ago, I guess I'm in the wait mode for about 3 month but from what I read .... Well wort the wait, reading all the manuals waiting

I have a Celestron 9.25 Edge HD with an Orion 80mm short tube as a guide scope

My cameras are a SXVR-694c imaging camera and the Superstar guide camera

I presently use the CGEM mount but found it a bit weak for the environment in Havasu, wind is sometimes an issue and it's not permanent so I need to realign it for each use


After reading the inputs in the ASA Forum, i look forward to conversing and sharing wit all, great forum.


CLEAR SKIES everyone


Jim Gardner

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