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Some general questions about ASA DDM 85


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What is the periodic error of the mount?

Because we use no gears due the direct drive we use, there is no periodic error to indicate and also no backlash. Encoders are mounted direct on the axis to read out 100 times per second and compare target and actual position. Failures are corrected via software in real time. This guaranteed a tracking which is unbelievable accurate.


Although the tracking is very accurate, can I connect an autoguider?

Naturally one can connect an Autoguider via Software to control the mount.


What happens at power failure?
As you power on again after power failure the mount is searching for the so called Homing Position and is up to know updated for further imaging. That means that you can immediately continue your imaging session. This is a very important factor practice remote imaging.


There is no polarscope available on my DDM85/160 - how can I do the polar align?

The accurate alignment is accomplished via software and requires only an expenditure of time of some minutes.


Can I apply software like "The Sky", "CCD-Autopilot", "Maxim DL" etc.?

Naturally Autoslew communicates with all those software.


What is the current peak on the DDM 85?

With maximum load slewing in both axes at maximum speed the current peak is 20 Amps (depending on the weight load). At Standard Operation 2 Amps.


Is it possible to set limits, so that the mount does not move into blocked zones?

Naturally you can set limits to avoid that the mount runs e.g. below the horizon or against a barrier inside the observatory.


Why is this mount tracking accuracy much better as other commercial mounts?

The secret is that ASA uses Renishaw Encoders, which are verified electronically and resolve to an unbelievable 0,01-0,02 seconds of arc. Positioning information is communicated by the mellow software developed by Philipp Keller. The tracking accuracy is accomplished by comparing the actual position of the system, 100 times per second in real time. This permits any required corrections to be applied immediately. Dependent on the diameter of the encoder a tracking accuracy of 0,2 - 0,4 seconds of arc is provided without guiding. The Torque motors (direct drives without gears and no backlash) we are using could operate in a range of one-hundredth of arc seconds.

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