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OK3 issue after upgrade to Win 10 and Autoslew


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Hello everyone,

Since upgrading to Win 10 Pro and Autoslew on my observatory laptop I seem to have only one issue. The OK3 focuser or its software is behaving strangely. Of course this might be a coincidence and nothing to do with Win 10 or Autoslew.

I open the focuser control box by clicking on "Slew".

Usual focus is 11.3 mm.

Then I click on the "Home" button and the focuser begins a fast slew towards zero.

During this slew the reported position numbers jump up and down and the position indicator slider also jumps backwards and forwards.

The focuser itself appears to move normally and smoothly.

The focuser reaches zero and then reverses away 2.0 mm as normal.

During the slew the Autoslew message box shows "Focus error during talking to SM2A Controller" several times.

I have tried both the 2016 FTDI driver and the 2014 version. Makes no difference.

I did not see this problem with Win 7 and the last Autoslew version.

Any ideas?





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Hi Ian,


I am running the focuser via an external ASA software called "ACC" - I never could drive my OK3 via Autoslew  :( - I always had to use ACC. In the latest version of AS ( you can tick a box "ACC" and ACC starts with AS on the next start...since my OK3 never worked via AS, I do not know whether or not this ACC checkbox was present in ealier versions of AS (i.e. or 

Not sufficient power or the connection might always be an issue and worthwhile to be crosschecked - just my two pence.

Hope this helps!?



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Well after trying everything I could think of I have given up on driving the OK3 from Autoslew. I have taken Christian's advice and tried ACC. This seems to work fine with normal position readouts during slews. I have to say I find these software "mysteries" rather concerning, especially as no one seems to have any idea about them.

Autoslew gives crazy position readings and reports errors.

ACC gives normal position readings.

By the way just out of interest, what does ACC mean or stand for?


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