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Adaptive Optics

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Hi All,


Is anybody using an AO unit to compensate for atmospheric disturbances?

To me that seems to be the only way to get even better results with our great mounts...

I would love to hear about your experiences.


Clear Skies,


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The jury is still out as to how effective they would be. The AO units that is amateurs can get our hands on are tip/tilt which is really good for correcting for minor fast tracking errors, something that cheaper mounts are plagued with.


At their peak they don't really work faster than 10HZ which is fast enough for slow moving atmospheric turbulence but does require a reasonably bright star in field.


With excellent seeing it may help tighten up your FWHM a fraction but in poor/average seeing it won't do anything at all (general comment from those who use them).

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Thanks Colin,

I ordered a 2e  hand unit from ebay at ENSOptics and can return it within 30 days, so I hope I will get a chance to test it under our very average/poor seeing. I kind of hope you are wrong about it and it will help with atmospheric turbulence. If not, I will send it back, or sell it to somebody with an SCT and no ASA mount :-)

Thanks anyway for your reaction! 

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Hi Colin, my new DDM85 will arrive one of these days, so I waited for that instead of testing it on my iOptron iEQ45Pro.
A lot of people are kind of telling that it does not work, but maybe that is about settings and none tested it on an ASA mount...

I will try to take very short subs like 0,2 secs with my LodeStarX so I got very fast responses and like that I hope to be able to chase the seeing.

As soon as I know more I will report here.




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