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  1. Hello, I am running the Auto slew as a user. Present there in observatory. i am planing to realign the polar alignment ,pointing and then sequence. I took a 10 min exposure of a DSO , stars were elongated, I have Meade 16" SCT f10 ;
  2. Hello friends since last 4 days I am observing the mount has a tracking issue , I balance the wait , auto tune the drive , Go to works good after the Sync on Maxiam DL. When you centered the object suddenly the object moving back n forth this tested on several objects. Please guide me what would be the cause I am loosing the premium nights. I also noticed the wrong encoder position error, after restart the Auto-Slew its not appeared again, but jiggling still there. Best Regards. Syed Abbas WhatsApp Video 2020-10-10 at 03.07.00.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2020-10-10 at 03.18.04.mp4
  3. Hello my friend. I thought mounted GPS is more accurate cause Auto slew get coordinates with it. For wi fi thats good. Thank you so much.
  4. Hello guys. I am using ASA DDM 85 premium on the bent pier located in Pakistan. My suggestion ASA must install GPS module with all mounts. A single cordinate can change the efficiancy of mount tracking. I used the theird party GPS module, dont know how much accuracy compatible with mount. Mount also not got the wifi connectivity with operating system,when you know well mount can not be operate with out PC. Syed Abbas. ASA DDM85 premium. Meade 16 f10 lx200 OTA FLI ccd. Taqwa observatory
  5. Thanks Mark. Yes I downloaded the AS and Sequence soft wares ,install them problem was there was nt any instruction manual. I asked to ASA they sent me the manual I follow the instructions got the mount working in my coordinates. I have the SKY X Pro, for Sequence may I need Maxim DL too?? Currently I have a DSLR Nikon D810 A. I am lacking the flowchart operation to achieve the maximum potential of ASA DDM 85 premium. The problem is the observatory is located 210 Km from my residence thats why trying to give more time to learn the operation. Clear Skies. Syed Abbas
  6. Dear All. How are you. I got ASA DDM85 Premium Mount. I am facing the Basic operational steps to run the mount. 1, Down load the Autoslew latest version, provided the Sr# , plugs the power cable and COM cable,Motor on and off ( functioning). But some time Autoslew shows RA sensor wrong position error some times shows DE position error. I dont understand whats are correct steps to run mount. Mount is not getting on home position neither by autoslew nor by the Sky X Pro. 2,How to work on sequence software. and what are hardware required it? Even dont get current autoslew Manual . 4,Will you guide me what are the required steps to run the mount. 5,Kindly provide me the contact ASA representative who can assist/whats app/ vedio call, or any one who can help out. Thank you. Waiting for your reply. Regards. Syed Abbas +92 300 3333237 abbasjafri14@yahoo.com Taqwa Observatory. Kerner ,near Bela City ,Provence Balochistan .Pakistan. www.taqwaobservatory.com
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