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  1. Mark, after I read the "weird behavior" thread I'm almost certainly sure your approach to the erratic slewing problem is correct ! It's the Homefind. Sorry, I wasn't clear when I said "close to the horizon". I meant more like 30-35°. Somehow low Alt values seem to trigger the problem. I will definitly spend more effort on the absolut perfect balance ! But the scope with everything on it is below 23Kg. My "D" value ist really low to avoid oscillations, P and I are moderate and on comparable levels.
  2. Thanks for your thouhts Mark. I did a homefind indeed, but eventually something went wrong (or I`m out of training). I'm postive this could help avoidig the erratic slewing ! On the other hand I'm more and more convinced the motor problem "position tracking error" and the fact the mount doesent react to the joystic in RA result from another reason. I shoud've mentioned my Telescope is quite heavy and bulky (22Kg 12" Newton, needs the extra long bar and 7 counterweights) and the problem mostly occurs close to the horizon ! It kinds of remindes my of the problems described in the
  3. Dear commununity, first, I'd like to say it's lovely this community exists and we ASA users can keep in touch 🙂 I'm using one of the first DDM60s with old encoders and Elmos electronics. Recently I had to set up my software completely new after my old PC crashed. Recently I experience the following: - In the RA-axis the mount didn't react to any inputs (neither autoslew buttons nor joystick). DE-axis was fine. - Several times the RA-axis stopped tracking and "Servo Error" was shown in red in autoslew. The log window showed "position tracking error". After clearing the
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