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Some new images


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Some images from the last months:


Messier 3

Data and higher resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/m3-2019_05_11.htm





Messier 53 and NGC 5053

Data and higher resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/m53-2019_04_21.htm




the galaxy cluster Abell 1367

Data and higher resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/abell1367-2019_02_06.htm




Cancer galaxy cluster

Data and higher resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/cancer_gal_cl-2019_02_27.htm




Where this images are located in the night sky you can find here: http://www.distant-lights.at/image_maps.htm


Thanks for looking


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Hello, Tommy,


It is important for a beginner (like me) to perceive the distance between what you know how to do and what I can do today (but also what I could do 4 years ago :wacko: )


Here, I see cumulative exposure times of 10-20 hours, but how many years to learn to achieve this... ?





As far as I'm concerned: "Fail. Fail again. Fail better" - Samuel Beckett  :D 
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