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Gazing from orbits


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‘The heavens were glorious with stars.’

Headlines: deep space exploration, challenging science missions to the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury. Celebrating all the achievements of 2019 - 2021.


Any system on the Earth orbits is under certain difficulties and threats due to debris and launches boom, creating even more. Any stargazing from amateur to most important observatories is blocked to a certain scale.

Pioneers go with maneuvering engine designs (for instance, Starlink reported more than 1000 maneuvers for the ‘first bunch’ launches).


Nevertheless, the space industry itself is doing its job, most of the time looking down to the Earth with support.


A U.K. company Skyrora (https://www.skyrora.com/) third-stage engine onboard a vehicle is capable of delivering satellites to destination orbits. The vehicle is able to perform a number of maneuvers in space, passing the space junk and satellites that are already in their orbits.


Would it be an option for getting our telescopes to a new level?

For my personal perception, the sky's observance comes from the rare lucky alignment of all the uncertainties with weather, time, obstructions and so on.

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