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What kind of connector does the ASA DDM60 Std use as a power plug?



I'd like to make my power cable that splits to multiple sockets so that I can power multiple devices for my ASA DDM60 Std (no through-mount cabling). I've been searching through Mouser and have not been able to identify what kind of  round 7 pin power plug ASA uses. Does anyone know the model number of the 7 pin plug ASA uses?


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Have a look at RS Components website: RS Stock No. 170-5671. The pin layout is WSV 70  (be careful here, there are two 7pin layouts)

Hope this helps.


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Hi Mark,

Thanks! I had actually come across this before but initially discredited it 'cos the connectors were in a circular fashion. Thx for the tip on the WSV 70 instead. Looking up in the data sheet, it looks like the RS Online site puts the WSV 71 picture, but has the title that's vaguely WSV 7 instead. I'll try to see if I can get the WSV 70.



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