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AutoSlew & Sequence pause in development for legacy ASA mounts (DDM60, etc)


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I've had my DDM60 for the past 20 months and it's been a struggle to try to use this primarily the software. Coming from N.I.N.A. there's been various interoperability issues such as TrackingRate implementation, etc. jumping back 'n forth between N.I.N.A. & AutoSlew/Sequence for scheduling & Autopoint/MLPT, etc. has made it a tedious hands-on interaction instead of a "schedule & let it run" operation.

Trying to forgo N.I.N.A. and use only Sequence, it crashes on autofocus with my Takahashi µ250CRS ASCOM focus driver. So I can't use Sequence-only either.

I understand that AutoSlew & Sequence development has stopped for legacy ASA mounts (whilst there's still ongoing Alpaca development for the current DDM100+, but not backward compatible to the older legacy mounts).

I really do like the DDM60 hardware itself and it's merely the software that's been the limiting factor, what recommendations do others have to offer here? I think there's probably sufficient other DDM60 owners who have other similar issues who may be willing to chip in to pay for a software rewrite (preferably something that plays nice with N.I.N.A. and possibly even a ASA plug-in for N.I.N.A. that can do Autopoint & MLPT). Or even a software driver & h/w combination such as a Raspberry Pi & Alpaca (and/or INDI) approach.

Any recommendations on where to start?

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you are absolutely right. ASA has told us since years! a new software will come. And now they forget all the users who are waiting so long for it. I.e satellite tracking promised to be a pro feature, was never implemented and so on and so on. 
After years of working with MaximDL and Sequence, I diceded to work with Nina wich is so much more user friendly and capible. But as you sad, I am missing an ascom conform driver including slew rates and a Nina plugin as 10micron have to do the MLPT in Nina. 

And yes, I am willing to pay for this. 

But I have no clue if there is a way to do this without the help of ASA.

CS Thomas

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Thx for your response there CS,

I'm looking at those developers who are working with OnStep, SiTech or RPi solutions - they seem to work with drivers at a lower level almost directly with the motors directly - tuning it, reading the encoder values, etc. To me is effectively that's what AutoSlew's startup initialisation does. I'm trying to find someone who's up to the challenge to do reverse engineer the protocol signals of the USB interface.

I would think those who develop OnStep or SiTech drivers may probably have some ideas on interfacing with the obsolete DDM mounts.

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Hello to all


ASA has relesed Autoslew version last October. According to Release Notes it supports DDM60 and DDM85:

( ver. (18.08.2022) -  fix problem with new license check and old DDM60, DDM85 and DDM160)

Also, in Autoslew directory there are several files with named DDM60 and DDM85, which also indicates, that Autoslew should support our "our" mounts.

Our old licence does not work, it needs new licence in *.xml file.

When I asked ASA, they replied, that new software does not work with DDM85, DDM60 . Considering the above i doubt it.

it seems that for some reason Asa does not want to share it with us - either for free or for a fee ...

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Thx for sharing. Where may I find that info about pls? I couldn't find anything about it (Release Notes, where to d/l, etc.) I'd guess even if one could get the software, as per your message above, without the new licence, it's not going to work anyway and it seems ASA isn't willing to provide the new licence?

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