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I have not been in the forum for years. My DDM60 is still working well, but I am getting older. I can see the time when I will have to pass it on to someone else.

With this in mind, where can I download the instructions for Autoslew and Sequence?

My copies are on paper and getting very grubby. I have had a look at the Astrosysteme website but can not find downloads.




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My ddm60 pro have been stored since 2017 due to house change. I pretende now to reanimate the mount and was looking for the last working software from ASA. BUT it seems that I am not resistered on ASA site too. I have contacted ASA for help and still awaiting for a response. 

Would be possible for any of you get the files from ASA and share them here or in a other online place?

If we don't have backups of the mounts software we  risk to have a good technology peace but that doesn't work.. ;-D


Best regards

Paulo Nunes,

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Thanks Stephen,

When I fill the Registration form and try to submit it i get a error message: "NinjaFirewall: You are not allowed to perform this task." It looks like that may be a problem with ASA fireewall server. 

Meanwhile ASA responded to my help request and are trying to find the problem.

Let's see...

Best regards,


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