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Autoslew and PHD2


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Hi,everyone,now I have a problem that has been plaguing me for a long time, when I use PHD2 to boot, there are always various problems.

1. The boot rates of RA and DEC cannot be shown in the calibration report after calibration;

2. After calibration around DEC 0 degrees, the original calibration seems to fail after switching to other targets, and can only be used normally when a new calibration process is applied to each target;

3. After Midday flip, regardless of whether "Midday flip reverse output DEC" is checked in PHD2, it cannot be guided normally (RA and DEC will "fly away"), and can only be re-calibrated manually as mentioned in point 2. Are these problems a widespread problem? If a friend with whom I have a hope question has solved these problems, I would be grateful for all the answers.


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