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DDM160 - DE/AL calibration failed

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Hi Folks,

  this is Gabor from Hungarian Astrophotographers' Association. We are building a community telescope, from ASA DDM160 mount and an original Carl Zeiss Jena Cassegrain telescope that we have refurbished and converted to Newtonian (500/2500):


  In January the mount (or Autoslew) started to fail finding home position of DE axis. Symptoms:

  1. Autofind completes without any issue
  2. Homefind (started from scope pointing to Zenith on west side of pier) can find RA Home position
  3. Homefind can also find DE Home position, which is confirmed by green "Axis DE found home" message displayed in the popup window
  4. Then Autoslew goes "Not responding", and has to be killed using task manager.
  5. In Autoslew log a "DE/AL calibration failed !" message is written.

  Last year we shortened the USB cable because we used to have USB connection errors, but with shortened cable that issue disappeared, no more USB read and write errors in logs either. Also both axis are almost perfectly balanced.

  I think encoders are working correctly because during PID calibration both encoders show realistic data. Hall sensors seem working correctly too, because both axis find their home position. At this point I'm totally clueless what else could cause this.

  I'm attaching Autoslew and ClServo logs, hoping for someone with more knowledge and experience could help solving this issue.


AutoslewServoLog_2024_3_1_18h6m.txt AutoslewLog_2024_3_1_18h6m.txt

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