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  1. Hello astrophotographers, The new CCD-Guide 2021 is available! Information about CCD-Guide including extensive video tutorials and an ordering possibility can be found here: www.ccdguide.com Compared to the previous edition, the new version 2021 offers 290 new astrophotos and considerable software enhancements. If you would like to learn more about the new features of the software, you are cordially invited to watch our free online presentation of CCD-Guide 2021 including live demonstrations of concrete application examples. Date: 2021-01-30 at 18:00 UT in E
  2. Hello astrophotographers! ASA supports CCD-Guide, a unique project of the Austrian astronomy club "Astronomischer Arbeitskreis Salzkammergut". Every year the CCD-Guide team publishes a new DVD, which assists astrophotographers in planning their imaging projects. Besides a huge number of reference images CCD-Guide contains a software to find images, to view images and to obtain all necessary data. The newest release contains more than 5,000 images of 52 astrophotographers. Many images were captured with products of ASA. We are very glad that we can announce the new CCD-Guide 2016, w
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