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Remote ASA600


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We have a new ASA600 telescope being setup at SRO in California which is mounted on an AP3600 mount. The previous scope was operated via ACP and is expected to run this as well. Where can I find necessary information on using the focuser with ASCOM and the necessary drivers. I have very little info on hand for the control box on this optical tube and basically know it runs on 24 volts and uses software called ACC.

I have been running this older scope for years using ACP Scheduler and it has worked great. Hoping to do the same with the 24" just have a number of questions about focusing and interfacing with this telescope. Previously I was using RoboFocus to control the focuser which was also secondary focus motor.

Any insight very much appreciated.


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Connecting ACP to the telescope (AP3600 mount) is done and works but now the operation of the mirror shutters and fan via startup/shutdown scripts come into play. I know the ACC app must be running in order to connect to the focuser which is now done. Opening the mirror covers and starting fan on startup is my next task as well as closing the covers and turning the fan off.

Any suggestions please?

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