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N.I.N.A Plugin for Model Building


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Hello Gerald,

amazing - I will try it as soon as the weather cooperates.

Thanks alot for your great effort to prevent our great mounts to become an obsolete piece of hardware!

Best regards and clear skies,



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Hi Gerald,

today I had an unexpected slot of clear skies and did a test with your NINA-plugin. I did a 20 star pointing-file and everything worked perfectly well! I did some tests with 5 minute and 30 minute unguided exposures and they came out great.

Thanks again for your effort and the great plugin - no need for me to use Sequence anymore!

Best regards from Ulm,



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HI Gerald,

thank you very much for the great plugin. It works in the first try. Absolutely great.

MLPT will be awesome too, but I think there isn't a chance because the calculation is made in sequence, right?


Best regards and CS


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Hi Thomas, you are welcome 🙂

MLTP will not be possible since as you say the calculation is done within Sequence.
But try to do a big model (100+ points) and be surprised. I can do 30min sub exposures without MLTP and get pinpoint stars.


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