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How to become a beta tester


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Becoming a beta tester is quite simple. Just contact Dietmar Weinzinger from ASA d.weinzinger@astrosysteme.at and let him know that you would like to become a beta tester. Please also tell us what's your user name in our Forum to change your status.


Beta tester will have access to a not pubic shown board where they can download the latest beta version of Autoslew and Sequenz. Here you can also post all found bugs and you will also see what bugs are already found.


Please always post your bugs into our beta tester board. This board is watched frequently by ASA.


Please keep in mind that you are testing a beta version of our programs. If you need 100% stable version eg. for remote use, we recommend to use the latest final version.


We thank all our beta testers for their support and help to make Autoslew and Sequenz better.


Your ASA Team!

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